SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - The Pender and Moore Families are renewing their Adopt-A-Spot contracts with the South Plainfield Clean Business Association..  They will remove litter from the PAL Building and Community Pool grounds, and from the Highland Woods Environmental Education Reserve, for the next two years.  Ms. Pender will check these sites twice a week to see if they need work.  As many as eight family members will clean the PAL and Community Pool parking lots, and the area behind the Pool building, including the wooded area in back.  The Highland Woods Nature Reserve is a 35-acre wooded area which has also recently been adopted by Cub Pack 207.  The family will continue clearing litter from along the trail system as well as the area around the Nature Center on Sylvania Place.

Ms. Diane Pender has involved her family in this Clean Communities enterprise for over ten years.  They also have taken responsibility for litter removal from the Willow Park area behind borough hall, and they participate every year in the spring Volunteer Litter Cleanup Week.  Ms. Pender has said she and her family have enjoyed many hours of recreational activity in these areas.  They feel a great deal of pride in being South Plainfielders, and appreciate the opportunity to give back to the community.

The CBA is looking for more adopters for open space areas.  The Oak Tree Open Space parcel and the Belmont Avenue Open Space at Spruce Street are available for adoption.

  For more information about the Adopt-A-Spot program, contact the Clean Communities Coordinator at (908) 226-7621 or e-mail