SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Family, friends and former colleagues were all in attendance as Mayor Matthew P. Anesh swore in Peter Hlavka as the newest member of the South Plainfield Police Department. Hlavka, a Middlesex County corrections officer, graduated from John Jay College with a degree in Criminal Justice. He is a lifelong resident who graduated from South Plainfield High School in 2011.

The court room was packed with men in blue wearing an array of uniforms. As members of the South Plainfield Police Department were on hand to welcome and support their newest member, members of the South Plainfield Volunteer Fire Department were on hand with well wishes for their former colleague. Hlavka is a former South Plainfield Volunteer Fireman. A vocation he learned from his father John Hlavka who had been a member of the South Plainfield Volunteer Fireman for years in the SPVFD.

“I appreciate everyone being here tonight,” said Hlavka. “This is something I always wanted to do, and I want to thank everyone for their support.”

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“Congratulations Peter, and I look forward to you joining our fine police force,” said South Plainfield Councilman Robert Bengivenga. “Understand you have 100% of our support and never hesitate in reaching out to either me or Police Commissioner Wolak on any issue.”

According to Peter Hlavka’s family, Peter wanted to be a police officer from an early age. “Peter has wanted to be a police officer since he was little,” said Peter’s sister Haley Hlavka. “Just seeing this is so emotional, he is my big brother and I love him.” Haley wasn’t the only one excited. Hlavka’s beaming grandmother was on hand for the event. “I’m so proud of him, said Patricia Sincavage. “He always wanted to do this.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of Peter,” said John Hlavka. “From a young age he wanted to be a police officer. He use to ride around in his little buggy issuing tickets. He is really following his dream.”

“This is really a special night,” said South Plainfield Mayor Matthew Anesh. “We have been presented with the wonderful opportunity to hire three great residents and excellent candidates to the South Plainfield Police Department.

Congratulations Peter and best of luck, may you have a long and prosperous career as a South Plainfield Police officer,” said Mayor Matthew P. Anesh. “You have great Superior Officers and Chief Parker to provide guidance along the way, trust your heart and you will succeed. You have a great family that has given back to the community and you have given back as well, thank you, and congratulations again.”

Peter Hlavka will attend the police academy in January 2018.