SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - In Jim Pornovet's Golf League, KC's Korner got a couple of solid performances from Jeff Pryor, who shot a 36, and Efrain Solis, who carded a 38, and that led them to a 13-7 victory over McCriskin-Gustafson Home for Funerals.

Kris Krantz's 39 earned medalist honors for McCriskin's, which maintained its top spot in the National Division.

Vinny Welch and Wayne Lavender both posted 37s for the South Plainfield Funeral Home to spark their team to a 14-6 win over the defending champions, Unique Sports Accessories. The win, coupled with McCriskin's loss, closed the gap between the top two teams to just a game-and-a half.

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Ted "Old Reliable" Stanik tied for low-round of the night with a sparkling 1-over 34, and Chris Dillon and Gene De Carlo pitched in with a pair of 38's, but their fine efforts just fell short.

Alfie's Boys had a few too many strokes to give away and lost for the fourth week in-a-row, dropping a close one to the Italian-American Club 11-9.

Bill "The King of Twilight Golf" Mann earned the medal for Alfie's Boys with 37, Capt. John Gavin was a bit rusty but still came home with a 38 as did Mike King, and Dan Picciottoli registered a 39. 

All told, not a bad team performance at all.  But, in addition to giving away strokes, Alfie's Boys had to contend with the superlative play of Frank Capparelli who lit up the course with a 34 to tie Ted Stanik for the best round of the night.  Jeff Gross looked strong after picking corn all afternoon at a local farm and contributed a 38 to help the Italian-American Club to a big win.

The loss by Alfie' Boys opened the door for TwinCity Pharmacy who marched into first place after crushing Dirty Harry & Friends, 18-2.  Jay Coppola looked really sharp in carding a lovely 2-over 35, Frank Gaspari had a 36, and Joe Diller added a nice round of 37.  For Dirty Harry's squad,Charlie Oates put together a 38 in a losing effort.

Dave Romano inspired his team with his 36 to drive Windows Plus to a 14-6 triumph over a Witty's Liquors team that just can't seem to put it all together this season.  Billy "Cappy" Capparelli continued his fine play for Witty's withy a 36, and he got a lot of support from Joe Glowacki who left a few out there but still posted a 37.  Witty's Liquors has notified the team that a trip to the vineyards in Sonoma, California, is still not out of the question if they can "put it all together".

2 Buds, 2 Dubes never looked better or stronger than they did in walloping Sport & Social, 15-5.  Dave Mancini led the way for the victors with a 36, and Jeff Orth and Mark Van Name both had 38's in a contest that was over early.  Dale Dube was so confident of victory that he ordered two pepperoni. pizzas to be delivered to the tee box on the fifth hole.

Frank Matthews didn't like having his nose rubbed in the mozzarella and only managed a 41 but that was still good enough to earn the medal for Sport & Social.  To cite just one example of how far off their games his teammates were:  Dennis Bibby hit his second shot on the second hole over the ninth green.  Someone gave him a GPS to help him the rest of the way around the course, but it didn't help very much.

As the season approaches the final four weeks, it's a real horse race in the American Division, and the team that can really come through in the stretch is going to win it all. Over in the National Division, McCriskin's and the South Plainfield Funeral Home will go head-to-head next week in what could be a pivotal match-up.

LOW SCORES FOR THE NIGHT:  Frank Capparelli, 34; Ted Stanik, 34; Jay Coppola, 35; 36; Billy Capparelli, 36; Frank Gaspari, 36; Dave Mancini, 36; Jeff Pryor, 36; Dave Romano, 36.


American Division:


                                                                                                                                                W            L              T


Twin City Pharmacy                                                                                         7              4              1

Alfie's Boys                                                                                                         6              5              1

Unique Sports Accessories                                                                          5              5              2

KC's Korner                                                                                                         5              4              3

Witty's Liquors                                                                                                  4              4              4

2 Buds, 2 Dubes                                                                                                                4              6              2


National Division:

                                                                                                                                                W            L              T

McCriskin-Gustafson Home for Funerals                               10           2              0

South Plainfield Funeral Home                                                     8            3              1

Italian-American Club                                                                                       6            6              0

Windows Plus                                                                                                      4            6              2

Sport & Social Club                                                                                            3            7              2

Dirty Harry & Friends                                                                                        1    11   0