Residents who bring their recyclables to the South Plainfield Mary B. Mazepa Recycling Center on Kenneth Avenue may have noticed a new container recently.  A 200-gallon bright red metal tank sits next to the rechargeable battery boxes near the office shed.  This red metal tank is for cooking oil – the kind you use for deep frying, which can be reused only so many times and then must be discarded.

What can you do with cooking oil?  If you pour it down the drain, it can stick to pipes and block sewer lines.  If you put it in the garbage, it can make a mess in the truck and leak onto roadways.  But if you bring it to the Recycling Center and put it in the red tank, it will be recycled into any of a variety of products.  Biodiesel fuel, livestock feed, soap, cosmetics, rubber and detergent are all made with recycled cooking oil.

Just in time for Thanksgiving and all those deep-fried turkeys, we have one-gallon plastic jugs available free of charge, courtesy of Middlesex County.  You can use these to store your oil until you bring it to the drop-off. Ask one of the Recycling Center attendants for help.