The South Plainfield Middle School PTO (r. President Debbie Boyle), and the South Plainfield Middle School Safety Team, hosted "Red Ribbon Week" on Thursday, October 6, 2016, featuring South Plainfield Police Officer Mike Sikanowicz (center) and Officer Lloyd McNelly (l), who presented the perils of bullying, drugs and alcohol discussion.  Officer Sikanowicz gave a powerpoint view about various forms of bulling and an open discussion with the seventh and eighth grade students about their perception of what actual bullying entails.  Officer Lloyd McNelly introduced Officer Sikanowicz and explained to the students that Officer "Mike" would be assuming the job of DARE Officer and presenter for Middle School topics.  Officer McNelly has been the presenter for the Middle School for the past five years, on the topics of drugs, alcohol and bullying and has earned the trust and respect of the students.  Both officers continue to stress to the students that they are there for anyone who would feels they are in need of a helping hand or someone to talk with.   Middle School Principal Roger Vroom and Assistant Principal Tamekia Dupiche were very supportive of the seminar.