It has been a rewarding experience to run for a seat on the South Plainfield Board of Education, even in these unusual times. I have had the opportunity to connect with residents and listen to the concerns of our stakeholders. I am honored to have support that reflects our diverse community. Whatever the outcome of the election, it has been a pleasure and a valuable learning experience.

As an educator for nearly two decades, I have never before encountered a school year quite like this one. Now, more than ever, we need a teacher to serve on our Board of Education. There are things one can only understand from experience. Successfully educating our children during this constantly changing situation is one of those things. I understand the impact of policy on our staff and students. I have a unique perspective, that of a mom, a teacher and a taxpayer. I do not have family members employed in the district, so I would be able to vote on matters that conflicted Board members cannot. 

Remember to have your voice heard. Local elections can be decided by a single vote. Flip your ballot over to vote for the Board of Education. Know that column 2 will work for you. Choose an award-winning educator that has nearly twenty years of classroom experience. Keefe is in it for the kids. Thank you for your support.