SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ -  Division Manager Kevin Schaffer, on behalf of Republic Services d/b/a Midco Waste, has renewed Midco’s Adopt-A-Spot agreement with the South Plainfield Clean Business Association. The adopted roadside stretches from their transfer station’s Harmich Road frontage to the intersection of Metuchen Road and Belmont Avenue.   A rotating crew of fifteen to twenty people removes roadside litter weekly throughout the year.   During the growing season, a landscaping crew cuts the roadside grass once a month.

Metuchen Road is legendary in the Borough as an illegal dumping ground.   The road was paved some years back.  The increase in traffic combined with frequent patrols have reduced the dumping problem considerably.   Litter, however, is chronic, especially at the very busy Belmont Avenue intersection. This is part of an official truck route.   Also, even though the Republic Services trucks are covered, trash does occasionally fall out along the way.

Republic Services/Midco Waste is involved in the South Plainfield community.   In addition to the residential business, they handle solid waste disposal and recycling for hundreds of businesses in town. Until the Borough rejoined the Middlesex County recycling program this spring, Republic Services handled the recyclables collected at the Mary B. Mazepa Recycling Center on Kenneth Avenue. The CBA is glad to have them in the Adopt-A-Spot program.

For more information about the Adopt-A-Spot program, contact the Clean Communities Coordinator at (908) 226-7621 or e-mail