Dear Editor,

I was shaking my head after reading comments in last week’s Observer by politician Chrissy Buteas.  I realize that Buteas needs to manufacture some type of an issue to try to bring her struggling political campaign to life, but phony scandals aren’t the way to do it.

Her comments make no sense.  Buteas continues to attack our public works crew even after learning the facts about the town’s tree program (facts she should have uncovered before, not after, she started hurling charges at people).  Apparently in Buteas’s mind we don’t have trees in South Plainfield:  We have Republican trees and Democrat trees.  Please, get real.

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As Bobby Capparelli (the DPW head) explained, his department has been cutting down or pruning trees in the town’s right of way for years.  In fact, his workers have taken care of about 275 trees on borough property over just the past year or two.  So how is it some type of political favor or conspiracy when the DPW takes one down in the right of way near a former public official’s home?  Again, it makes no sense.  Were the 275 other homeowners former GOP officials?

I hope Buteas and her two running mates will see how foolish their attacks are and apologize to Bobby Capparelli and his crew immediately.  But unfortunately, it looks like they are going to double down, even after learning the facts.  As we are finding out, some politicians will say (or do) anything to climb the political ladder.

Lori Iavarone