Dear Editor,

It’s easy for politicians to make promises.  It’s harder to make promises and have a plan to achieve them.  But the hardest thing of all is to make promises, have a plan to achieve them, and then actually get it done. 

I’ll be supporting Mayor Anesh’s team by voting for Rob Bengivenga and Joe Wolak, because I have been impressed with the results they have been achieving, what they call “getting it done.”  They are controlling taxes, making our town safer, and bringing new businesses (and just as important, jobs) to South Plainfield.

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I’m sure the two guys running on the other side are nice people and sincere in what they promise.  But they have no plan to fulfill all their promises (and there are a lot of them).  How are they going to pay for all the things they promise?  Are they going to borrow the millions of dollars these things will cost?  And what about taxes?  How much will taxes go up to pay for all these things?

I just get the feeling that many of the ideas being put out by the Democrat candidates are half-baked.  And again, I’m sure the people running are sincere.  They just don’t seem to understand what it takes to accomplish what they are promising.

By contrast, the mayor’s team has a record of getting it done for South Plainfield.  Records count.  That’s why I’ll be supporting Rob Bengivenga and Joe Wolak for council.  They deserve our vote.

Lori Iavarone