Dear Editor,

When looking at the issues and the candidates, it becomes apparent which group running for office this year should get our vote:  Mayor Matt Anesh and his team of Councilman Alex Barletta and Councilman Derryck White.

When I look at Matt’s team, the accomplishments stick out.  They shored up the town’s finances and have held down taxes.  In fact, the part of the tax bill they control is flat this year.

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 Also, look at all the good things that are happening.  Our families are safer now that Liquid Assets is gone for good and due to investments in the new K-9 unit and police technology.  In addition, new businesses are coming to town and the ones already here are expanding (which in turn creates jobs).   

 By contrast, other than complain about her opponents and whine about the trouble her old running mate got himself into, I don’t see much from the Buteas camp.  In fact, Buteas is talking about everything but her council term.  I’m assuming this is because she had a horrible record.  It’s hard not to remember how she promised to cut taxes and then raised them $404 in one year.

And who can forget when Buteas refused to step up to the plate when her party wanted to add over 700 apartments to Harris Steel or when she voted to give herself a raise shortly after getting elected.  

 Given her record, I can see why Chrissy Buteas wants to talk about everything else.  But I know about her record.  And that’s why I’m voting for Matt Anesh and his team.

 Adam Flynn