SOUTH PLAINFIELD, N.J. — Mayor Anesh this past weekend got a little closer. No he didn’t lower his handicap in golf, and no he didn’t have an eagle. The Mayor got a little closer to qualifying for membership at the South Plainfield Senior Center as he hosted “Meet the Mayor” this past Saturday morning on his birthday. Nearly 60 residents turned out asking questions out loud and serenading the Mayor with a hearty birthday wish.

The event was a rolling Q&A that lasted nearly two hours. An array of topics from the crowd kept the birthday Mayor on his toes with topics ranging from parking issues near Park Ave, Willow Park, the potential March 14 nationwide student protests, COAH and a pesky leak at the Senior Center.

Councilman Derryck White updated the residents on the status of Motor Vehicle Commission. According to White, Motor Vehicle should be reopening offices this March on Hadley Road in South Plainfield.

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Hadley Road also became a topic of discussion. “We had a plan to resurface Hadley Road, and it will be done this year in two phases,” said Anesh. “The Borough has successfully secured two grants from the New Jersey D.O.T. the most recent of which totals nearly $900,000.”

“I think Council Woman Faustini’s idea for a park that can accommodate children with special needs is a fabulous idea,” said one South Plainfield resident in attendance. Councilwoman Faustini discussed how the Library volunteered to finance the purchase of an accessible play structure at Willow Park.

“The key is this equipment isn’t tailored to be used only by children with special needs,” said Anesh. “Any child will be able to use this playground, it is the future of how these play structures are being made as they should be.”

As the event began to end the Mayor blew out the candles on his 46th birthday, as the crowd sang happy birthday. In less than 10 years, Anesh can be a member too.