In responding to the letter to the editor submitted by Mr. Cochrane, President of the South Plainfield Recreation Commission, first I want to say that there are many wonderful programs for the youth of the borough. I applaud the hard work of many who have developed a variety of programs for our young people. I chose to raise my family here because I believe South Plainfield is a great place to live.

That being said, looking at the dates mentioned in your letter, with only a few exceptions, you are talking about improvements made in 2012 or earlier. Should we not always be looking to improve? Is it a bad idea to reflect and try to do better? As an educator of seventeen years, I am constantly striving to learn more and improve so I can better serve my students. That is why I attend conferences, write grants, am a Google for Education Certified Trainer and present trainings to other teachers so that they can innovate and prepare students for the 21st century.

As far as low enrollment for some of the programs that were unable to be sustained, maybe looking at ways to make more people aware of new offerings is something that could be looked at. When I first moved here, I did not receive any information related to recreation and had to seek out programs for my own children. And, as the parent of children who do not play on a sports team, I would love to see more options for children who are not interested in competitive sports.

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I would like to work together to provide the best for all of South Plainfield’s residents. I am always looking to improve, rather than simply being satisfied with the status quo.

Kristine Keefe