(Editor’s Note: This year, two at-large seats are up for grabs on the South Plainfield Borough Council. Democrats Roberto Sayers and Cassie Capparelli are running against Republican incumbents Christine Faustini and Derryck White. Council terms are three years and Election Day 2017 is Tuesday, Nov. 7.)

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Roberto Sayers is seeking election to the South Plainfield Borough Council as a member of the Democratic Party. Sayers came to the United States from Panama in the early 1980s and has lived in Edison and Piscataway before settling in South Plainfield a little more than a decade ago. 

 Please watch the video to hear why Roberto Sayers is running for council .......

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“South Plainfield is small enough that everybody knows almost everyone…” said Sayers. “I believe there is a camaraderie and friendship in South Plainfield that makes me feel at home and welcome and that is why I chose to make my home in South Plainfield.”

Professionally, Sayers worked for Prudential Securities for over a decade before taking on a position with Merrill Lynch. He also worked for as a job developer for First Baptist Church in Somerset and has been employed by the State of New Jersey, specializing in pensions and benefits.

On a local front, Sayers sits on the Community Block Grant Committee and a member of the Downtown Development Organization, a sub-committee of the borough’s Business Advisory Group. According to Sayers, the organization serves as ‘a cohesive group of professionals that bring ideas and issues to the governing body to improve the community.’

Sayers said he is running for borough council because, as a member of the community, he has gotten to ‘know the people, the governing body, and the issues.’ “I use the phrase ‘walk the walk, talk the talk.’ I believe I bring a lot of value to the governing body and decided it was time for me, instead of sitting in the audience, to join the governing body to work together to see how we can do better to help South Plainfield,” he said, adding, “When each side starts pulling in their own directions you hardly get anything done. I believe that by working together and [moving] in the same direction, we can get more stuff done.”

If elected, one of the first item's on Sayers' ‘to do list’ would be to revisit the shop local issue. “It is not one size fits all. We need to work together to identify the needs of the community…” he said.

Sayers said he would also like to look into the truck route. “I have been hearing for years about the truck routes and people complain that nothing is being done or that [plans] are moving very slowly,” Sayers said. “I would like to find a way for the businesses and the residents affected to work together to reach some sort of agreement that could be put for a vote.”

As a member of the council, Sayers would also like to see Democracy Day reinstated in the borough in an effort to provide residents the opportunity to be involved with and informed about how the town is spending their money.  “[Residents] would have a say,” the candidate said, noting that the dollar amount would be determined based on what will be best for South Plainfield ‘to work efficiently.’

Sayers describes himself as a ‘person with good intentions’ who is ‘fair’ and goes on his ‘integrity and honesty.’ “Overall, I care about people. Those who know me, would have a good opinion about me,” he said, adding, “I want residents to believe not in my ability to affect change but in theirs. I believe in the residents of South Plainfield and I would like them to come out and select the candidates they feel will work with the rest of the governing body, whoever they are, to push South Plainfield forward."


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