SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Roosevelt Elementary School held its Annual Winter Concert on Dec. 22.

Students in third and fourth grade orchestra, band and chorus performed a selection of well-known tunes as well as holiday favorites at two performances –10 a.m. for students and staff and again at 6:30 p.m. for family and friends. Among those in attendance for the morning installment were South Plainfield Board of Education President Debbie Boyle and Board of Education member,  Bill Seesselberg.

The orchestra, under the direction of Bruce Mikolon, performed Beginner Melody, Ode to Joy and Open String Samba while the band, under the direction of Shannon Maddolin, performed Rolling Along, Hot Cross Buns, Go Tell Aunt Rhodie and Jingle Bells. The chorus, under the direction of Sharon Perz, sang Who Put the Christmas Presents Under the Tree?, Hanukkah Shalom, Christmas Time is Here, No School Tomorrow (If It Snows) and a special rendition of Jingle Bell Rock in which they were accompanied by Perez on piano and Principal Robert Diehl on guitar.

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According to Diehl, a great deal of time and effort goes into preparing for the annual concert. “The students, teachers and staff have all worked very hard to bring you this wonderful and memorable event,” he said. “I would like to express special thanks to music teachers for the planning, preparation and extra effort they put in over the weeks leading up to the concert.”

Additionally, Diehl thanked Susan Dezmin for her assistance with the chorus, Sharon Scrudato for putting together the printed program and Keri Ngan for coordinating the decorations and program artwork, which this year featured festive snowmen and snowflakes.

Maddolin commended the students for all their hard work, noting that the winter concert was their first performance as a group and how they have only been practicing for about 10 weeks and working together as an ensemble for the past three. She also extended thanks to those who make the school’s music program possible. “I would like to thank the board and the administration because without them the music program would not be what it is,” said Maddolin. “We are very thankful.”

Diehl also encouraged the audience of students in kindergarten through second grade to consider joining band, chorus or orchestra when they get older. “Many of you, boys and girls, may continue to perform or go on to become professional musicians,” he said. “Every star you see on television or in concert where in some type of music program in elementary school,” said Diehl. “That’s where they started, in elementary school. For us, Roosevelt is where it all starts.”

Roosevelt’s music students include:

3rd Grade Chorus: Devin Awer, Nishita Baliga, Giavanna Bentivegna, Jalen Brogdon, David Butrico, Lauren Co, Emily Contreras, Gaurav Chaudhuri, Lauren DeCastro, Ruchi Desai, Ashwini Devaraj, Taylor Evans, Jessica Grimes, Christian Herzog, Mingya Huang, Brian Mahoney, Paige McAuley, Victoria Huynh, Daniel Ngai, Diya Patel, Rahil Patel, Riya Patel, Jasmine Portillo, Aria Rathore, Gianna Romero, Brooke Santora, Tvisha Shah, Eva Sharma, Samanta Singh, Jeel Soni, Paavni Suyal, Aashna Thakkar, Anthony Tomei, David Wallace, Maya Zeifallah and Raina Zrinko

4th Grade Chorus: Joseph Accardi, Alexander Berlinski, Matthew Clarke, Nina DeSimone, Salma Elgebally, Carlos Jimenez, Jasmine Lewis, MacKenzie MacManus, Sahasra Nagireddy, Chiebuka Onuoha, Pari Patel, Nicole Pignataro, Himani Ravva, Brooke Ridley, David Salamanca, Matthew Sauls, Alexis Seidel, Logan Smith, Sasha Smith, Jonathan Sosa, Eshaan Thakkar, Nyla Thomas, Joshua Verdejo and Arianna Villagomez

3rd Grade Orchestra: Pavan Arun, Nishita Baliga, Sephora Beg, Jalen Brogdon, Gaurav Chaudhuri, Lauren Co, Emily Contreras, Lauren DeCastro, Ruchi Desai, Ashwini Devaraj, Agastya Dewan, Khyla Dixon-Hammond, Taylor Evans, Daniel Grimes, Jessica Grimes, Christian Herzog, Mingya Huang, E’Mony Jones, Jordan Jones, Abyan Khan, Hezekiah Lemond, Brian Mahoney, Atharva Makode, Aditdiya Malik, Paige McAuley, Yeferson Meda Medrano, Chris Nunez, Diya Patel, Rahil Patel, Riya Patel, Xavier Pazmino, Aria Rathore, Kharee Redd, Tehreem Rizvi, Jeydan Rolon, Gianna Romero, Tvisha Shah, Eva Sharna, Samanta Singh, Arth Sinha, Sidhant Somadathan, Aditi Sriramkumar, Paavni Suyal, Pranshu Suyal, Sanya Vijan, Sathvik Vikram, David Wallace, Sydney Wilburn and Maya Zeifallah

4th Grade Orchestra: Camila Arguello, Christian Martinez, Geetha Nurani Venkattaraman, Brooke Ridley, Evan Salazar, Nyla Thomas and Joshua Verdejo

Band: Oboe: Aayush Patel; Trumpet: Nina DeSimone and Dina Nguyen; Flute: Salma Elgebally, Leah Marques, Geraldine Soto Zapata, Amy Doan, Victoria Huynh, Isabella Vitale; Percussion: Matthew Clarke, Andrew Csordos, Connor Leigh, MacKenzie MacManus, Achuthan Menon and Sahasra Nagireddy; Clarinet: Christina Hadfield, Jasmine Lewis, Kimora Lee, Chiebuka Onuoha, Brian Potts and David Salamanca; Baritone: Nicole Pignataro; Trombone: Jonnaye Johnson; French Horn: Sean Dineen; Alto Saxapohone: Anthony Capparelli, Aarav Shukla, Sasha Smith, Joseph Leonard and Jonathan Sosa