SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ- Roosevelt Elementary School held its Four Grade Promotion Ceremony on June 11 and family and friends gathered to celebrate the 67 members of the Class of 2015.

Principal Robert Diehl welcomed everyone to the promotion ceremony and every one stood as music played and the fourth graders made their way into the auditorium and onto the stage. Student Council Vice President Andrew Loniewski led the crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance the fourth graders sang “We Are Roosevelt’s Children.” Additionally, 2014-2015 PTO President Heidi Leigh, 2014-2015 Student Council President Alisabelle Pontevedra and Principal Diehl all delivered motivational and congratulatory remarks.

Leigh thanked all those who volunteered their time during the 2014-2015 and made it a success. She also asked the fourth graders not to forget the teachers they had up until this point and all they have taught them and how they have positively impacted their lives. “Your time at Roosevelt is complete, but you educational journey continues…” she said. “We are all confident that you will success by using what you have learned at Roosevelt from our dedicated teachers and staff.” [at a] new school, new teachers, new friends.”

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Class President Alisabella thanked the teachers, principal, school advisors, PTO and staff – from the bus drivers to the custodians – as well as the parents and families for all they have provided her and her classmates over the years. “Over the last few years in Roosevelt Elementary, we learned not only the basic skills and knowledge in education, but friendship, responsibility and family,” she said. “We are now ready to move forward and progress one step further towards Grant School. Of course, we would not be able to reach this stage without the people who helped us, molded us and inspired us to become what we are today.”

Alisabella added, “We will succeed because we are the future of the world, we are the hope of our nation, we are the next leaders of society and we will make this would a better place because ‘We Are Roosevelt’s Children.”

Each fourth graders name was then called and one-by-one the graduates crossed the stage and received their certificates from their principal. Presenting the Class of 2015, the principal explained how the students’ success is accredited to the parents - who prepared and got their students to school; the teaching staff – for their hard work and dedications; and the students themselves – for fulfilling what was asked of them academically. He told the students they will have success is they, first, remember to listen to their teachers and, second, be nice to people.


“The first one will give you academic success and the second one is important socially, but put them together and you will be rich young men and young women and that’s what is really important,” said Diehl.


The ceremony concluded with a slideshow set to music put together by PTO Vice President Mara McAuley. Students laughed, cheered and applauded as highlights and fond memories from the their years at Roosevelt flashed on the screen. Following the ceremony, many gathered with their friends and families for pictures commemorating this milestone and enjoyed refreshments provided by the PTO.


Congratulations to Roosevelt’s Class of 2015


Ryan Adams, Jack Adkins, Manuel Alvarenga, Rayhaan Amjath, Suhani Anand, Daniel Bedoya, Mustafa Beg, Bryson Bradshaw, Emily Budhan, Christian Burden, Yazmin Campbell, Grace Capparelli, Kazi Casey, Jordan Cauthen-Gyimah, Aryan Chavan, Jonathan Checkley, Anthony Chen, Nayellis Chicas, Starr Claybrook, Daniel Csordos, Keya Desai, Sameer Dhawan, Wilmardoni Dorcius, Paulie Duarte, Adonis Espeut, Donald Evans, Diego Fernandez Callejas, Sean Garguillo. Yajahira Giron, Sukhraj Goraya, Michael Green, Christopher Grimes, Britney Guerrero, Sarah Jadallah, Yash Jacob, Ishaan Jani, Alexander Jimenez, Justin Jorao, Matthew Kuzma, Sayli Limaye, Jaden Lloyd, Andrew Loniewski, Jonathan Lujan, Isabelle Marin, Madison Mitchell, Patrick McAuley, Aiden Medina, Richard Morales, Dilraj Nahal, Justin Naicken, Cathy Nguyen, Eric Nguyen, Moksha Patel, Prashashti Patel, Alisabella Pontevedra, Trevor Raghunandan, Angelina Resal, Hannah Ridley, Trinity Rogers, Grace Taber, Monica Tan, Aisha Tariq, Jason Underdue, Riya Venkat, Bobby White, Matthew Zegarra and Matthew Zeifallah.