Democrats Sandy Doyon, Kristine Keefe and Sherri Zwerko this week discussed the great momentum that their campaign is getting based on their experiences in walking door-to-door meeting South Plainfield’s residents.  Mayoral Candidate Sandy Doyon commented, “The people of South Plainfield have really expressed their support for the Democratic ticket this year. We get great reactions from residents.  People are rightfully proud of our great Borough and they want their elected leaders to put aside party labels and work in a bipartisan manner to make South Plainfield great.  Kristine, Sherri and I have heard a great deal of support for our ideas related to cutting wasteful spending and the runaway borrowing.  People are getting taxed out of South Plainfield and we will put a stop to that.  The people of South Plainfield do not expect their elected officials to solve all of their problems, but they do expect the government to listen.  We are here to listen.”    

Council candidate Kristine Keefe continued, “In talking to hundreds of our fellow residents, we are excited and motivated by people’s great encouragement.  People expressed serious concerns about property taxes and the quality of life.  But they also made it clear that they don’t care about political labels – they care about results.  Sandy Doyon, Sherri Zwerko and I will work together to concentrate on the issue that is important to our residents – runaway spending, a better return on their tax dollars and solutions to the escalating traffic issues.” 

Council candidate Sherri Zwerko continued, “We need to look outside the box at new ideas for preserving additional open space, halting over-development, solving the traffic crisis that has engulfed the entire Borough, and most importantly, spending less while doing more.  As a small business owner, I know you must watch every dollar.  We need to run our government like people run their own households – every dollar counts.”

Sandy Doyon concluded, “We are very encouraged by the support shown by the community at various community events and during our vast door-to-door campaign.  It is time for the voters to hold the current Republican majority responsible for their decisions. This Borough belongs to the people and it’s time to take it back from the politicians.”