The Senior Golf League had a huge group on Tuesday June 20.

22 Golfers gathered from South Plainfield, Clark and Edison to enjoy another day on the links.

R. Timbrell took the prize and lead with a score of 34!     Looks like he’s the one to beat!

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Scores for the team are listed below.


Lloyd Dowdy                                      39

Tom Dialfonso                                   40

Ron Falcon                                          50

Jim McSorly                                        43

T. McCreesh                                       45

Ron Tschopp                                      53

Art Osterberg                                    51

W. Feeley                                            54

George McDonald                           47

Frank Fidell                                         52

Al LePore                                             41

Bob Mac                                              52

Dennis Reilly                                       66

R. Timbrell                                           34

John Spadefano                                47

Bob Serratell                                      47

Mike Buggey                                      45

Chet Uhlik                                           44

Jim Lolloy                                             62

Tom Turner                                        59

Mike Kavka                                         38


Join the fun – Every Tuesday at West Nine  8:00 a.m.


Any questions, call the South Plainfield Senior Center 908-754-1047