SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – As Winter Storm Stella was barreling up the eastern seaboard on the evening of March 13th 2017, Mayor Anesh was busy sending out Nixle Alerts, reverse 911 calls and making sure the Borough was prepared for the forecasted blizzard. At 9:50pm, just prior to the start of snow, the Mayor’s mischievous side came up with an idea. “I thought, why not have a snow prediction contest? The winner who has the most accurate guess gets to have a charitable contribution to a South Plainfield charity of their choosing,” said Anesh.

That is just what happened. At 9:50pm Mayor Anesh posted his snow contest, and the blizzard began. As everyone knows, Stella did not live up to her blizzard billing, but the Mayor’s Facebook page received a blizzard of snow accumulation guesses. By the early morning hours of March 14th, the accumulation guesses were coming in faster than the snow itself. By late afternoon it was all over. Governor Christie declared Winter Storm Stella a loser, but Mayor Anesh declared the winner. Michael Sarfati had the winning guess at 7.7 inches of snow. There were over 300 submissions.

Sarfati chose the American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund as his charity of choice. The American Legion Legacy Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to children of fallen service members since September 11, 2001.

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Mayor Anesh had pledged that he would donate 10 times the snow accumulation amount to the charity of choice, and in the end the Mayor donated $200.00 which was matched by Sarfati’s company Prudential. Sarfati himself, and TAPinto South Plainfield both donated $100.00 for a grand total of $600.00.

I wanted to do something that would really help, and I know the American Legion has done so many great things for the community,” said Sarfati. “The armed forces are my heroes, and if I can help a little bit by helping one of their kids go to college I think that would be great.”

American Legion Chaumont Post 243 members Richard Doerr and Robert Bengivenga were both on hand to accept the Legacy Scholarship donations, and thanked Mr. Sarfati, Mayor Anesh and the Borough Council for their generosity.