SPARC (South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club) celebrated the ARRL Field Day for a 24-hour period, on June 24-25th at Spring Lake Park located in South Plainfield, from 2PM on the 24th to 2 PM on the 25th.

SPARC, thanks all residents, amateur radio operators the Mayor and Council and Office of Emergency Management for their support and taking the time to stop by and say hello.  The preliminary results indicate the following statistics:

            Total Contacts (All Bands):                 544

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            Number of States Contacted:               41

            Countries & Territories:                      Bahamas, Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

SPARC members are affiliated with South Plainfield’s Office of Emergency Management.  This event provided further training to ensure their readiness to serve the South Plainfield Community, Middlesex County, State of NJ and the Federal Government. during an emergency situation

SPARC encourages the South Plainfield Community to learn about amateur radio.  If interested, please contact Marvin Bronstein at: (732) 287-0491 for further information.