SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – At a special Board of Education Meeting on July 6th South Plainfield Varsity Wrestling Coach and third grade teacher Kevin McCann was named the new Athletic Director. McCann who has a storied wrestling career as both a wrestler and coach replaced Al Czech who retired at the end of the Spring 2016 season.

McCann’s appointment appears to be a popular decision with well-wishers such as Pat Hajduk remarking on the TAPinto South Plainfield’s Facebook page “So happy for you Coach McCann. You are an asset to South Plainfield. Congratulations this is well deserved.”

TAPinto reporter Chris Nalwasky was able to do a short Q&A session with AD McCann. Below are the questions and McCann’s direct answers:

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    1) What went into the decision to step down from coaching wrestling and moving up to the AD spot, and when did you really consider it?

Athletic Director McCann:  I have always wanted to go into administration.  Obviously, with my love of athletics and background in coaching finding a Director of Athletics position was always my choice.  After this season and all that was accomplished with winning another Group Title, getting my 300th win, and being inducted into the Hall of Fame, I was at peace with leaving coaching.  It just seemed right when Mr. Czech decided to retire.  I'm vested in South Plainfield and this is where I want to be.  Things worked out.

   2) Why do you think you'll be a good fit for the AD job here at South Plainfield?

Athletic Director McCann: I think that I am a good fit for the AD job for a few reasons.  First, I think I have demonstrated great leadership in the fact that I have lead one of the best programs in Middlesex County and made it one of the premier programs in the State of New Jersey.  Also, I have always demonstrated that I am consistent and fair to all athletes and coaches.  Growing up in South Plainfield, then working here I have an understanding of the community and needs of the teachers and coaches. I am extremely excited about this new chapter in my career.  

   3) Any insight on who will be the new head coach now?

Athletic Director McCann: As to the question about the new South Planfield Head Wrestling Coach, we will look to fill the position with someone who will honor the tradition of South Plainfield Wrestling and continue with the level of commitment needed to keep the program successful.