SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ- South Plainfield High School’s boys and girls bowling teams competed in tri-matches against Carteret and Monroe. The Tigers boys’ team went 1-1 as Angelo Salici rolled the high series with a 619. Rebecca Armand scored a 634, helping South Plainfield’s girls go 1-0-1 on the day.

The Tigers were originally scheduled to play Monroe on Tuesday and Carteret on Wednesday, but the snow day on Tuesday pushed the Monroe match up a day.

South Plainfield boys’ team blanked Carteret 4-0 in their first match and then dropped their second match 1-3 against Monroe. The girls’ team had a 2-2 draw against Carteret and a 3-1 win over Monroe. Alexis Policastro of Monroe had the high series for the girls, firing a 656.

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The girls’ team ended the tri-match with a 12-3-1 record while the boys came out standing 8-8-2. Below is the box score from the matches:


SOUTH PLAINFIELD- 713-905-896--2514: Melissa Novak- 120-186-178--484, Aaliyah King- 106-145-136--387, Rebecca Armand- 184-193-257--634, Emily Sukenik- 116-169-122--407, Lanasia Neal- 187-212-203--603

CARTERET- 845-883-813--2541: Allison Russell- 159-159-158--476, Shelby Kappo- 112-94-132--338, Chrissy Golino- 160-176-174--510, Dashira John- 126-158-135--419, Gaby Morales- 162-164-154--480, Alexis Policastro- 238-226-192--656

MONROE- 829-717-705--2351: Haley Dzinaleski- 135-145-139--419, Nichole Ehimenn- 166-157-140--463, Chrystal Stasicky- 187-148-190--525, Ashley Borsak- 108-131-122--361, Victoria Stasicky- 151-136-157--444, Sera Wysdcowski- 190-119-179--488


SOUTH PLAINFIELD- 897-989-893--2779: Jason Petriello- 161-143-//-304, Danny Trieu- 191-199-159--549, Chris Ciezkiewicz- //-//-153--153, Angelo Salici- 212-224-183--619, Mike Menkin- 164-194-226--584, Jason Belanger- 169-170-169--508, Victor Ladino- 155-202-156--513

CARTERET- 823-788-844--2455: Donald Helnamski- 156-137-136--429, Octavio Reyes- 81-73-115--269, Lloyd Padmore- 215-223-224--662, Justin Colon- 202-153-181--536, Kevin Persaud- 88-113-158--359, Joe Jausen- 162-162-145--469

MONROE- 913-886-983--2782: Jake Lauden- 153-134-182--469, John Wallontine- 196-160-160--516, Justin Stow- 136-222-192--550, Zack Volknann- 179-193-201--573, Steve Morunka- 160-150-205--515, Chris Gonler- 225-160-203--589