SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – The South Plainfield Boys Bowling Team dropped a close match to Colonia by the score of 3-1.  After winning the first game, South Plainfield dropped the next two and lost the overall pin count by 72 pins.  South Plainfield’s Angelo Salici threw the high game of the day with a 203, and the high series with a 572.  The loss dropped the South Plainfield Boys to 2-2 on the season.

South Plainfield Girls extended their winning streak to four by defeating Colonia by forfeit 4-0.  Colonia had only one girl available to bowl.  South Plainfield’s Rebecca Armand bowled the high game with a 206 and the high series with a 600.  Below are the boxscores from today:


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SOUTH PLAINFIELD- 751-790-799--2340: Rebecca Armand- 199-206-195--600, Lanasia Neal- 204-159-199--562, Melissa Novak- 95-177-115--387, Emily- 144-142-163--449, Aaliyah King- 109-106-127--342, Yesenia Montalvo- 85-75-97--257

COLONIA- 125-128-149--423: Laryssa Fiore- 125-158-140--423


SOUTH PLAINFIELD- 859-836-819--2514: Mike Menkin- 160-157-180--497, Victor Ladino- 157-153-153--463, Angelo Salici- 203-177-192--572, Jason Petriello- 193-172-170--535, Eddy Lepeis- 146-177-124--447, Danny Treiu- 122-//-//--122, Chris Cieszkewiczs- //-145-//--145, Nick Spadavecchia- //-//-106--106

COLONIA- 820-935-831--2586: Brandon Gallop- 138-159-191--488, Tyler Wolff- 113-188-106--405, Brandon Wilczynski- 155-223-187--565, Jason Duczemiskyi- 179-175-163--517, Justin Wolff- 182-190-138--510, Ryan Soto- 166-152-132--470

Records: South Plainfield 2-2, Colonia