SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - On Saturday December 17th Columbian Squires and Members from the South Plainfield Knights of Columbus went to the Menlo Park Veterans Home and helped run a very competitive game of Bingo. A great time was had by everyone who attended, the Squires and Knights helped transport the Veterans from their rooms, then sat and talked to the Vets before the game, helped them play bingo and transported them back to their rooms after the game was over.

The Columbian Squires and the Knights members also showed there true compassion for our Veterans as they donated many gifts that they truly needed

The following Columbian Squires who attended were Chief Squire Jack Scrudato,  Jason Belanger, Dominick Faustini (AKA the world’s best Bingo Caller), Matt Furnari, Bobby Ginda, Liam Nagel, Sam Strassburger and Brandon Wizda as well the following Knights also attended Grand Knight Joe McGeehan, Steve Belanger, Chris Furnari, Ed King, Ted Rubino, Neil Towney, Jack Strassburger, Joe Scrudato and mother of Squire Janet Wizda

The Squires and Knights are pictured with Veteran of World War II Bill Brandenburg and another unnamed Veteran.