SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – South Plainfield Elks Lodge #2298 located on New Market Avenue is a frequent host/destination for South Plainfield Clubs and organizations raising funds. It seems nearly everyone has been at an all you can eat breakfast raising funds for Cheerleading, Summer Drama or football. What many do not know, that is a miniscule tip of the iceberg of the charitable work this benevolent order of elks performs. South Plainfield Elk Lodge #2298, once again put their heart, compassion and financial commitment forward this past week donating $5,000.00 to the Domestic Violence Response Team (DVRT).

“On behalf of all the South Plainfield Elks we’d like to make this $5,000 donation to DVRT,” said former Past State President and South Plainfield Elk Pete Smith. “We raise funds through our dinners and events so we can do things like this. I want you to know this location is a safe place for the DVRT and those families and or individuals that are in need. Please do not hesitate in contacting us, it’s why we are here.”

“When Pete called it was such a sweet surprise, one thing I wanted to mention is each and every one of us (DVRT members) showed up tonight for this which is exactly what we try to do,” said DVRT member Sandy Cassio. “This is exactly what we try to do. We cannot fix all of the ills of the world, but if we can each do our part and show up and help and with the help and support of everyone here tonight hopefully we will be able to fix some of those things in the community.”

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“Part of the Elks mission is to support our community, our special needs, our veterans and our youth,” said Janice Knutelski Campos. “We like to do things to make our town and our community shine brighter. I feel our participation with DVRT will help make South Plainfield safer and thank you DVRT for all of your help. I want DVRT to know our doors are always open to you and our Lodge is a safe haven to those that need it.”

“Being social service director and being a member of DVRT, I see firsthand what the Elks do,” said Marge Ackerman. “They do the meals three times a year through social services, they give donations during the holidays, the Elks just give, they are just a wonderful organization.”

“Nothing touches people in a more negative way then domestic violence,” said South Plainfield Mayor Matthew P. Anesh. “As Sandy and Marge both said we can’t correct all the ills of the world but to have someone that steps in at that critical moment when someone is truly in need, makes all the difference in the world.”