It is not too late to offer your time and energy to make South Plainfield a bit more appealing, all you need to do is volunteer Saturday April 15. Just pick up supplies between 9-10:00 at the municipal building, and by 12:00 you will be having pizza.  Bring a partner, your family or a group and have the knowledge you all will be doing something absolutely wonderful, cleaning up litter while making your town look environmentally friendly.

 Saturday April 8, I cleaned an area at 7-11 at Plainfield Ave, which was a bit more taxing than I anticipated, but I felt great when I looked at the results. I cleaned the area because it has been neglected for many months. I asked employees to have the property manager continue with the maintenance of the grounds. I hope we see improvement on this property.

The volunteers for litter clean up are people who are caring and filled with pride for their community. It is a sacrifice, but without them this town will be suffering like many other surrounding communities.  We need to educate those that have not been informed that littering is a crime and jurisdiction will soon be enforced. Our school system must instill in their students the danger of littering. Thus far I don’t believe they are doing enough.

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We have  adopt- a- spot in this township, in which people will care for a parcel of land, removing litter and maintaining the aesthetic values of the property. This isn’t hard but it needs to be an ongoing project. Sites are still available for adoption. This adoption process is easy to apply for and we admire those that participate.

Hope to hear we have a record turn out Saturday April 15, remember it is only a couple hours of caring, give it a shot.

The only cure for litter is you.