The South Plainfield Middle School PTO hosted the annual Battle of The Teams on April 7, 2017.  Middle School Principal Roger Vroom, Assistant Principal Tamekia Grier-Dupiche, Teachers and Staff prepare the students for an exciting battle of the school teams, where they compete against each other in various events, including Penny Wars.  Principal Vroom stressed that while the "games" are fun and exciting, the purpose is to show sportsmanship by supporting each other and cheering their entire group of fellow students to succeed.   

The Middle School PTO executive board President Debbie Boyle, Vice President Nicole Plate Hosein, Treasurer Eileen Brady and Public Relations/Secretary Tree Olano viewed and scored the bulletin boards designed by each team, the banners and each event.  Nicole Plate Hosein, Tree Olano and Karen Casaliggi kept the score for each team of 7th and 8th grades individual events .  Andrea Sacco and Debbie Boyle kept the water station moving along with the help of Isabella Flanagan, while Ralph Glass, Custodial Engineer insured the tables and coolers were in place.    The 7th grade team "Avalanche" and the 8th grade team "Thunder" were the overall champions securing the most wins.  The two winning teams will receive bank gift cards.