On December 15, 2019, many South Plainfield Public School students performed at the 46th Annual TubaChristmas Concert.  This concert was conceived by tuba virtuoso Harvey Phillips to honor his teacher, the late great William J. Bell.  This unusual Christmas tradition is firmly established in over 300 cities around the world.  The ensembles played to a packed Rockefeller Plaza on the ice rink under the gigantic Christmas Tree.  The group played Christmas carols especially arranged for the tuba choir by American composer Alec Wilder.

The weather for the day was windy but it was a very nice day.  In attendance were over 500 tubas, baritones, and euphoniums and they performed thirty minutes of Christmas carols. Performers came from as far away as Idaho.  The age range of the performers spanned from ages 10 to 85.  The conductor of the celebration was C. Christian Wilhjelm, who is the conductor of the New Jersey Wind Symphony.  This event has become a tradition in the Middle School and throughout the district, which has had students participating in the concert since 1998.  The Middle School students involved were: Nina DeSimone, Avery Cassio, Dina Nguyen, Sam Ballinger, Nivash Balkarran, Matt Louissol, and Tim Weber.  Jason Rodas, Tommy O’Brien, and Jeremy Burrell represented the High School.  All of the students were accompanied by Middle School band teacher, Mr. Veiss.