The South Plainfield Police Department is requesting that residents be vigilant in protecting themselves from becoming a victim of a fraudulent scam that has been increasing in New Jersey during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The suspects have been targeting the elderly as their potential victims. The crime usually starts out with an unsolicited phone call by the suspect to the victim.  The suspect misrepresents themselves as being either a Police Officer, Bail Bondsman, Lawyer, or other agency member that sounds legitimate.  The suspect tells the victim that their Grandchild is in jail for a crime or violations such as DWI and informs the victim that bail money is needed for the grandchild to be released. There may be some variation to this Criminal Attempt being perpetrated by the suspect. The suspects have even called the victim pretending to be their actual grandson.  All the scams involve misleading the victim to wire money, deposit money, or even let the suspect come to the residence to collect the funds  


Although this crime has been increasing statewide, South Plainfield has not had any recently reported cases such as these during the COVID-19 pandemic. The South Plainfield Police is bringing the matter to the attention of the residents to raise awareness and prevent the crime.  In the event you receive any suspicious calls, please contact the South Plainfield Police so the matter can be further investigated.