Summer is almost here and it is time for the South Plainfield Adult Summer Reading Program.  As in previous years this is a program for adults who enjoy reading and getting rewards (other than the that of just reading a good book). As in previous years it is open to all card holders and you can read (or listen) to any books you like.  There is no set reading list but any of the staff will be happy to recommend titles you might like.  Registration starts on Thursday June 26th. All you need to do is come to the Circulation Desk and one of our cheerful staff members will sign you up and you will get your first prize.  So why not earn a few prizes just for doing something you like.

     And do not forget to check out all the audio and e-books available through our website  There is such a wide variety of titles and genres available through eLibraryNJ which is located in the edownload/downloads menu.  You will be surprised what is available and why pay for ebooks when you can get them free at the Library.  And if you have trouble learning how to download just come to the Library and we will teach you.
     Speaking of books the Tuesday Book Club will be meeting on June 10th when they will be discussing Gone Girl which is coming out as a movie this Fall.  So read the book before you see the movie.  In June our two other book clubs meet to choose the books for the up coming year.  June 18th our Mystery Book Club will meet and on June 26th the Thursday Night Book Club will come together.  At the two meetings I will present a range of titles and as a group we will choose those we would like to read.  In the latter group we read some really outstanding books this year like Juliet, Wicked, and Guests on Earth.  In the former I try to choose titles from a wide variety of sub-genres such as Scandinavian, classic, cozy, etc. mysteries.  All out book groups are open to anyone so if you like to discuss the books you read please join us.
    Moreover don't forget our Monday Night movies.  Due to copyright restrictions we cannot post titles but you can call the Library (908) 754-7885 any time to find out that Monday's title or stop by and pick up a listing of that month's titles and starting times.
    June 1st started the Hurricane Season on the East Coast and we all remember how even a non-hurricane can cause such havoc in South Plainfield.  As a help to residents I have put together a handout for emergency preparation.  It includes suggestions from the state on how to prepare yourself for emergencies plus a listing of municipal numbers as well as those of local utilities as well as suggestions on setting up a contact network to keep in touch when communications are disrupted.  The time to prepare is before, not after.  The handout is free and available at the Circulation Desk.
    As always Miss Linda and Miss Mija will have their usual story and craft time programs this week.  Time for 2s and 3s will be Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30AM.  For older children it is Tuesday at 10:30AM, Wednesday at 6:30PM and Thursday at 1:15PM.  There are two programs for infants and toddlers on Friday mornings.  Non-walkers is 10:30AM and walkers are at 11:00.  Also Miss Mija runs a Friday Fun program for ages 7 and up at 3PM.  All are free and no registration is required.
    If you have any questions you can call the Library at the number listed above or visit us at 2484 Plainfield Avenue next to Borough Hall!