South Plainfield–The Borough has recently completed its annual litter cleanup. This is one of my favorite events of the year as residents and volunteers throughout the Borough come together to clean-up the Borough much the same way residents clean their basements and get ready for the spring.

South Plainfield is springing ahead with its street sweeping and road improvements, but one of the most exciting items on the Borough’s too do list is recreation. Under the leadership of Councilwoman Christine Faustini, liaison to the Recreation Department, the Borough is embarking on one of the most aggressive recreational improvement plans the Borough has ever seen.

If you travel down Maple Avenue you can see the cleanup work taking place at the Community Pool. Years of overgrowth and poison ivy have been removed. New fencing and wind screens are on tap for the new facelift. The Recreation Commission is requesting open space funding for a spray park and other improvements at our Community Pool.

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The Southside Dog Park is in full swing. The Borough anticipates work to begin in earnest this May for the Dog Park.

“The reaction I have received regarding the dog park has been overwhelming, said Councilwoman Faustini. “Dog owners throughout the Borough have reached out to me to lend support of the Dog Park. I have had so many people say they are glad to see a new park on the Southside of town.”

This is not the last of it however, said Anesh as some of the largest enhancements to take place are at the Borough’s crown jewel the PAL building. The Borough is totally revamping the wrestling room and building a new storage addition off the PAL building. The wrestling room will get new mats for both wrestling and cheerleading. Lights will be added to Memorial Field and the inside of the PAL will get a new cosmetic makeover.

Lastly, the Borough has been able to broker an agreement with the Library to expand Willow Park. Since the installation of playground equipment at Willow Park this former dilapidated site has now become a favorite destination point for families going to the Library. The new playground structure is expected to double the size of the play area.

“As liaison to the recreation department, Councilwoman Faustini is making a major impact after just six months on Council. “By working in conjunction with the Recreation Commission she has brought several value added additions for the Borough residents which will enhance the quality of life for family members young and old in our community.”