SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – South Plainfield Superintendent of Schools Dr. Noreen Lishak issued a letter to parents, guardians and faculty this past weekend discussing the terrible shooting at Douglas High School. The letter discusses the precautions and drills currently performed in the School District and what steps should be taken in the event someone observes suspicious or unusual activity. Below is Dr. Lishak’s letter:

In light of the tragic event that occurred at Douglas High School in Florida, I felt it was important to reach out to parents/guardians about our safety and security procedures here in the South Plainfield School District. Our school district, in partnership with the South Plainfield Police Department, engages in required safety and security drills throughout the school year.  These drills range from lockdown to active shooter drills, all required by the New Jersey Department of Education.  By participating in these drills, our students and faculty are prepared in the event such an incident arises.  In addition, the district continues to review the security needs and adjusts protocols as required.  The safety and security of the students and faculty of the South Plainfield School District is of the utmost importance. I ask that all of the South Plainfield School Community join us in ensuring our students are as safe in our schools as possible. Please speak with your children about reporting any unusual activity both in and out of school.  Report any unusual posts on social media that may lead to an incident. All suspicious activity should be reported to school administration or faculty.  

As parents/guardians, I ask you to report any suspicious activity to school administration and the South Plainfield Police Department in order for it to be investigated. Please be aware, if your child is feeling anxious or uneasy as a result of the recent incident, guidance counselors are available to speak with them during the school day.  In addition, the South Plainfield Police Department is making frequent trips to our schools, patrolling the school grounds and entering the buildings as an additional measure of security. 

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As a community, we will continue to work together to ensure our students are safe in the South Plainfield School District.

Thank you.

Noreen Lishak, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools