NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – The South Plainfield Girls and Boys Bowling Teams go their first real test of the 2015/16 season, both teams bent, dropped a game, but prevailed 3-1. 

The Lady Tigers and Edison Eagles each entered the match undefeated with 5-0 records. Edison took the first game by over 100 pins 810-704. South Plainfield won the next two games and were able to win the overall series by just 30 pins, 2,250 to 2,230. South Plainfield’s Lanasia Neal led all bowlers with a game high 211, and series high 623. Edison’s Samantha Salzone led the Eagles rolling a game high 193 and series high 503.

The South Plainfield Boys rolled much the same as the Lady Tigers. They dropped the first game by seventy pins, but came back to win the next two games and the overall series by 114 pins. The Tigers Victor Ladino, Michael Menkin, Jason Petriello and Angelo Salici all rolled series above 500. Petriello led the Tigers rolling a series high 590. Edison’s Wyatt Buchany led all bowlers rolling a game high 246 and series high 664.

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Below are the box scores from today’s match:

Bowling 12-11-15


South Plainfield 3, Edison 1

South Plainfield:  704-785-761-2250:  Chelsea Alers 119-125-116-360; Hallie Bisgaard 113-107-164-384; Lanasia Neal 205-207-211-623; Melissa Novak 164-180-123-467; Emily Sukenik 103-166-147-416

Edison:  810-691-719-2220:  Samantha Oaiadacz 151-128-123-402; Tori Johnson 100-141-135-376; Samantha Salzone 193-149-161-503; Touri Holmes 198-142-148-488; Stephanie Kawall 157-0-0-157; Abby Buchany 111-131-152-394; Alyssa Augustine 0-96-0-96; Evelyn Peralta 0-0-84-84

Records:  South Plainfield 6-0-0, Edison 5-1-0


South Plainfield 3, Edison 1

South Plainfield:  898-933-926-2757:  Jason Belanger 156-0-0-156; Andrew Bisgaard 0-203-180-383; Victor Ladino 175-146-182-503; Michael Menkin 174-214-152-540; Jason Petriello 211-181-198-590; Angelo Salici 161-182-214-557; Danny Trieu 177-153-143-473

Edison:  968-829-846-2643:  Joe Banwer 196-158-162-516; Raleigh Gough 162-147-119-428; Jason Smith 181-160-164-505; Chris Kaminskas 156-138-100-394; Wyatt Buchany 217-201-246-664; Thomas Leone 212-163-155-530

Records:  South Plainfield 5-0-1, Edison 3-1-2