PISCATAWAY- The first day of the 2017 GMC wrestling tournament is in the bag, and the South Plainfield High School team is leading the pack.

The Tigers put on strong efforts from top to bottom, and 12 of their wrestlers have advanced through the first two rounds of competition, which were held in Piscataway High School earlier tonight.

The Tigers had three top-seeded wrestlers entering the tournament, and all of them were able to coast through tonight’s matches. At 126 pounds, senior Jake Giordano scored a late pin over Cesar Lopez. Junior standout Joe Heilmann got a one minute pin on Sayreville’s Ray Feola to advanced through the quarterfinals, and sophomore Zach DelVecchio overpowered Woodbridge’s James Jones to score a first period pin.

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Those performances and others gave South Plainfield 56.5 team points total, and the lead, going into tomorrow’s matches. The competition is far from over though, as second place Monroe is just 1.5 points behind the Tigers. The hosting team, Piscataway, sits in third place with 49 points.

Tommy Fierro, Alex Amato, Jacob Painton, Joe Sacco, Kyle Bythell, Jake Hoffman, Ben Lundy, Ryan Marston, and Luke Niemeyer also advanced to the quarterfinals.

The action will pick up again at Piscataway tomorrow morning. The quarterfinals are scheduled for 10 a.m., the semifinals at noon, and the championship matches are tabbed for 6 pin.m.


1. South Plainfield 56.5; 2. Monroe 54; 3. Piscataway 49; 4. Woodbridge 36.5; 5. Middlesex-Dunellen 29; 6. Perth Amboy 27.5; 7. Edison 25.5; 8. Bishop Ahr 24; 9. New Brunswick & Old Bridge 23; 11. J.F. Kennedy 22.5; 12. Carteret 22; 13. East Brunswick 20; 14. Colonia 19; 15. Sayreville 16; 16. J.pin. Stevens 15; 17. South Brunswick 14.5; 18. North Brunswick & South River 12; 20. Spotswood 10; 21. Metuchen  


285: Alex LaGrippo (Woodbridge) pin. Alex Hartman (Spotswood), 0:13; Lou Ceras (Monroe) pin. Kyle Locha (Old Bridge), 0:42; Jack Karvaski (Edison) pin. Youseff Gammel (East Brunswick), 3:14; David Greene (Piscataway) inj. def. Julio Gonzalez (South Plainfield); Ramiro Osuna (New Brunswick) dec. Julius Gorbea (J.F. Kennedy), 5-2; Alex Bollin (Middlesex-Dunellen) dec. Spencer Johnson (J.pin. Stevens), 5-1; David Pierre (Carteret) pin. Adam Abduelal (Colonia), 1:58.


220: Zach Delvecchio (South Plainfield) pin. James Jones (Woodbridge), 2:51; Farhan Khan (Carteret) pin. Joe DelVecchio (Middlesex-Dunellen), 0:56; Samuel Rogers (Piscataway) pin. Matt Tadros (North Brunswick), 1:04; Christopher Cuevas (Edison) dec. Mike DeSantis (Bishop Ahr), 4-0; Taylor Tiongson (East Brunswick) d Guesseppi Castanza (J.F. Kennedy), 3-2 (UTB); Keshon Davila (New Brunswick) m.dec. Grayson Ciesielski (South River), 13-5; Benedict Arthur (Sayreville) dec. Gregg Nekrosovas (Monroe), 3-1; Dante Negron (J.pin. Stevens) dec. Adrian Najar (Colonia), 15-14.


195: Andrew Brazicki (Bishop Ahr) pin. Daniel Mattar (East Brunswick), 0:42; Luke Niemeyer (South Plainfield) pin. Nick Komosinski (Spotswood), 0:26; Kaylon Bradley (Monroe) pin. Oleksander Kalynyak (J.F. Kennedy), 1:15; Javon Mercado (New Brunswick) pin. Alex Bianchini (Metuchen), 0:36; Frank Coghan (Carteret) pin. Dave Welch (Perth Amboy), 0:25; Nick Nyers (Woodbridge) pin. Savon Kirksey (Sayreville), 3:37; Christian Irizarry (Colonia) dec. Oscar Santiago (Old Bridge), 8-2; Paris Foster (Piscataway) pin. Dean Escobar (Edison), 1:32.


182: Ryan Marston (South Plainfield) pin. William Goggel (Edison), 1:16; Sean Aston (J.F. Kennedy) pin. Ryan LaGuardia (Monroe), 2:42; Kyle Baszak (South River) pin. Chancellor Cooper (Old Bridge), 1:27; Demetrius Ruiz (Carteret) pin. Marcus Adeniyi (Bishop Ahr), 3:24; Gus Palacio (South Brunswick) dec. Donald Shaffer (Spotswood), 4-3; Elijah Pitt Goodson (Piscataway) dec. Dominion Ezechibueze (New Brunswick), 9-8; Shane Zullinger (Middlesex-Dunellen) pin. Eli Jacobs-Perez (Highland Park), 2:57.

170: Zack Cottrell (Woodbridge) pin. Derek Hernandez (J.F. Kennedy), 1:48; Kenny Abode (North Brunswick) pin. Stefane Ruiz (Carteret), 1:26; Nick Recine (Piscataway) pin. Kerolo Danyal (East Brunswick), 0:27; Jeffrey Garcia (New Brunswick) pin. Nick Jensen (Bishop Ahr), 5:32; Adalfi Jimenez (Perth Amboy) dec. Brandon Szersen (South River), 3-1(OT); Tim Grigoryans (Old Bridge) pin. Lenny Gigatino (Colonia), 1:54; Justin Hopman (Monroe) dec. Matthew Johnson (Edison), 13-8; Michael LeRoy (Spotswood) dec. Nino Oneto (Sayreville), 11-4.

160: Michael Petite (Piscataway) pin. Devin Merle (Bishop Ahr), 1:08; Nick Weikel (Monroe) pin. El-Hussain Bachir (Colonia), 2:48; Marquan Payne (Woodbridge) pin. Luis Colon (Perth Amboy), 3:12; Chris Dessino (Middlesex-Dunellen) pin. Emmanuel Omokha (Carteret), 0:34; Giovanni Magee (J.F. Kennedy) dec. Dan Colon (South River), 3-2; TJ Angstadt (Old Bridge) dec. Mina Meshriky (East Brunswick), 5-4; Corey Knoth (Sayreville) pin. Robert Firestone (Edison), 3:06; Ben Lundy (South Plainfield) m.dec. Brandon Grover (Spotswood), 9-1.

152: Joseph Hatcher (Piscataway) pin. Mark Basilious (East Brunswick), 1:39; Peter Tomasino (Edison) t.f. Christian Juarez (South River), 16-1 (4:17); Cullen McCardle (North Brunswick) pin. Aaron Bartlett (Sayreville), 1:31; Jake Hoffman (South Plainfield) dec. Bryan Velasquez (Middlesex-Dunellen), 4-1 (TB); Shea Obado (Spotswood) pin. Mike Salcedo (Colonia), 1:52; Christian Pinto (New Brunswick) dec. Mike Gelberg (J.pin. Stevens), 11-5; Ian McCabe (Monroe) pin. Anthony Allegro (Old Bridge), 3:07; Hunter Kiraly (Woodbridge) dec. David Lee (J.F. Kennedy), 4-3.

145: Nick Lombard (Monroe) pin. Jacob Cartalano (Woodbridge), 2:44; Kyle Bythell (South Plainfield) pin. Luigi Luppino (Old Bridge), 3:06; Jeff Johnson (Middlesex-Dunellen) pin. Brandon Brown (South Brunswick), 1:53; John Poznanski (Colonia) pin. Tyler Jacobs (Spotswood), 2:12; Ryan Naiduk (Edison) pin. Lane Ackerman (North Brunswick), 1:32; Yarinel Peralta (New Brunswick) dec. Leandro Santos (South River), 6-4; Gabriel Rodrigues (Piscataway) dec. Christian Perrine (East Brunswick), 5-0; Matt Jasinski (J.pin. Stevens) dec. Jacob Vega (Carteret), 12-5.

138: Bob Dinger (Middlesex-Dunellen) pin. Hunter Guzman (South River), 1:39; Joe Sacco (South Plainfield) pin. Matthew Bohinsku (Spotswood), 0:57; Donny Albach (Monroe) pin. Guiseppi Cappasso (Bishop Ahr), 5:00; Jack Quinn (Woodbridge) pin. Ryan Maurath (Edison), 1:58; Sergio Maglione (J.F. Kennedy) dec. Justin Gonzalez (Old Bridge), 5-2; Michael Lopez (Perth Amboy) dec. Abhishek Singh (J.pin. Stevens), 11-6; Marcus Petite (Piscataway) dec. Trent Stocki (East Brunswick); 1-0; Alex Coelho (Sayreville) dec. CJ Smith (South Brunswick), 9-7 (TB).

132:  Aaron Coleman (J.F. Kennedy) t.f. Samori Simon (Bishop Ahr), 17-1 (4:07); Luke Pero (Colonia) pin. Alex Lizardo (South River), 1:56; James Rodriguez (Perth Amboy) pin. Muavia Ahsan (Carteret), 3:34; Trevor Mastorio (Sayreville) dec. Jhon Botero (Edison), 7-4; Jacob Painton (South Plainfield) pin. (New Brunswick), 2:18; Dylan Ur (Old Bridge) pin. Carlos Lopez (Middlesex-Dunellen), 1:05; Steve Piszar (Monroe) pin. Jeff Reyes (Highland Park), 2:50; Lance Vargas (J.pin. Stevens) pin. Chris Little (Metuchen), 1:04.

126: Jake Giordano (South Plainfield) pin. Cesar Lopez (North Brunswick), 4:48; Alec Gleason (East Brunswick) pin. Sam Minkov (Highland Park), 0:43; Dylan O’Connor (Bishop Ahr) pin. Matt Sternesky (Colonia), 4:33; Alexis Soriano (Perth Amboy) t.f. Chris Kwok (Metuchen), 18-1 (3:51); Mathew Castimore (South Brunswick) pin. Brandon Alicia (Sayreville), 4:59; Mark Pacheco (South River) dec. Robert McEvoy (Piscataway), 11-4; Andy Lombard (Monroe) dec. Tom Dinger (Middlesex-Dunellen), 8-3; Julian Burke (Edison) dec. Alec Meyers (Old Bridge), 2-1.

120: Joe Heilmann (South Plainfield) pin. Ralph Feola (Sayreville), 1:00; Mark Schleifer (East Brunswick) pin. Connor Platt (Spotswood), 2:18; Norberto Torres (Perth Amboy) pin. Chris Rodriguez (North Brunswick), 1:37; Dave Loniewski (Bishop Ahr) pin. Jeorcy Pena (New Brunswick), 0:48; Mike Botte (Old Bridge) dec. Sean Lubiak (South Brunswick), 7-0; Troy O’Connor (Middlesex-Dunellen) m.dec. Julian Arteaga (Colonia), 11-3; Mike Bilardo (Monroe) pin. Nico Vargas (J.pin. Stevens), 1:52; Erick Valentine (Piscataway) dec. Alexis Reyes (Edison), 8-2.

113: Mitch Polito (East Brunswick) pin. Scott Mish (Sayreville), 0:21; Gaven Ringwood (Bishop Ahr) pin. Jayden Rosado (Carteret), 1:33; Jake Wiatroski (Old Bridge) pin. Tyler Szersen (South River), 1:31; Maximus Parra (Piscataway) pin. Michael Rodriguez (Edison), 0:56; Nick DePalma (Monroe) pin. Joe Dimperio (Colonia), 3:48; Demetri Wojciechowski (J.pin. Stevens) m.dec. Jared Zimbardo (Middlesex-Dunellen), 18-8; Alex Amato (South Plainfield) t.f. Zion Blanco (New Brunswick), 15-0 (2:02); Ian Coleman (J.F. Kennedy) pin. Arjun Khatri (South Brunswick), 3:50.

106: Joe Pacheco (Perth Amboy) pin. Jesse Warth (Colonia), 1:28; Michael O’Brien (Edison) pin. Ken Beck (Middlesex-Dunellen), 0:44; Tommy Fierro (South Plainfield) pin. Orlando Bonilla (New Brunswick), 1:20; Jonathan Lamprecht (South Brunswick) t.f. Darren Figueroa (Sayreville), 17-1 (6:00); Arun Chezian (Metuchen) pin. Ian Hammond (Highland Park), 5:02; Joseph Dulog (Piscataway) pin. Christian Diaz (Bishop Ahr), 0:55; Joey Fiordaliso (Monroe) dec. Justin Schifter (Old Bridge), 9-6; Xavier Laracuente (Woodbridge) t.f. Matt Wendel (East Brunswick), 18-2 (4:51).