Congratulations to these fine young men and women who were inducted by South Plainfield Elks into the Elks Antler Lodge #31.  A new chapter of the lodge which is run by youth members ages 12-20 years old. 

President Bridgette Titus, Vice President  Genevieve Zipp, Vice President  Sean Klinger and Vice President Lisariello DeAngelis         

Secretary Alexys Craggan,  Treasuer Ryan Purcell, Trustees Karli Smithline, Devin Hastings and Avish Grover, Sergeant of Arms Elizabeth Danielle Apgar-Fehring, Guard Bridget Feeney, Champlin Jessica Craggan, Members Colin Campos, Rocco Lippi, Shannon Rose O’Flannery and Kelsi Neidenback.

These young members will do a wonderful job serving our community with their volunteer work!