SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – The South Plainfield Borough Council passed an ordinance Monday evening authorizing a number of recreational improvements throughout the Borough including a dog park at the former Suburban Bus Company. The ordinance which was introduced at the request of South Plainfield Councilwoman Christine Faustini was hailed by members of the South Plainfield Recreation Commission as a huge step forward for the Borough.

“I want to thank Councilwoman Faustini for her diligence in getting these projects going and rolling,” said Recreation Chairman Bill Cochrane. “We are really thankful for the improvements at the PAL and all of the improvements listed. Ms. Faustini has only been on Council since January and she is moving ahead with all of these improvements, we’re grateful to have her as our liaison.”

For her part, Councilwoman Faustini was thrilled to outline the improvements listed in the ordinance.

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“I’d like to thank our recreation director and commission members who are here this evening, and I am very excited about the improvements being proposed in bond ordinance #2076,” said Faustini. “The improvements which are long overdue include a “Southside” Dog Park, a new PAL storage room, new wrestling and cheer mats, lighting for the turf field and a digital message board.”

Southside Dog Park appears to be the preliminary name of the proposed dog park on New Market Avenue.

The ordinance listed the site work and grading at the former Suburban Bus Company at $55,000 and the construction of the dog park at another $55,000.00.

“I am happy that the former Suburban Bus Company property will finally be something useful for the town instead of an eyesore, said Faustini.”

The most expensive item in the recreation ordinance was for lighting at the Turf field. The Turf Field lighting is estimated to cost $294,500. The Borough has received a $137,500 grant from Middlesex County to pay for the lighting. The storage room that is listed in the ordinance is actually a butler building addition that will be on the western end of the PAL.

Once again, however, much of the interest after the meeting went to the “dogs.”

“We have looked at other areas but, based on the research, this location is probably the best fit,” said Mayor Matthew Anesh, adding, “The good thing about this site is that it is somewhat remote. It is close enough to neighborhoods over there but there is also a good enough of a buffer.”

The proposed dog park is slated to measure 250 feet by 135 feet. There will be two separate fenced in areas – one for smaller dogs and another for larger ones. According to Councilwoman Faustini each area will be split with a grass section and an area of light stone dust.

“Since I first made my proposal I have received an incredible amount of interest and support, there are so many people that want to volunteer and help the outreach has been overwhelming,” said Faustini.

Details regarding donations and sponsorships towards the dog park are scheduled to be announced later this spring. Anyone interested in more information on the “Southside” Dog Park can email Councilwoman Christine Faustini at