The South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) will be participating in the 2018, NJ Makers Day being held on March 10, 2018; from 10:15 AM to 4 PM; at the Piscataway JFK Public Library located at 500 Hoes Ln.

The SPARC leadership for this event is being provided by Harry Chiovarou and Drew Moore.  SPARC will be introducing up to twenty youngsters (12 yrs.  or older, accompanied by a parent) into the world of amateur radio by offering them the opportunity to build a Morse code kit (at no cost) under the direct supervision of SPARC members.  SPARC will be able to accommodate (4) youngsters an hour.  Sign up is required on the day of the event for an assigned time.

This event was made possible by the generosity of Thakur Foods LLC.; SPARC members: H. Chiovarou and Tim Halloran and The Boyle Memorial Foundation.

SPARC would like to acknowledge Ms. Kathleen DiGiulio of Piscataway Public Library, for her guidance and encouragement.  In addition, SPARC wishes to thank South Plainfield’s Councilman Derryck C. White for his ongoing support of SPARC projects.