SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - On June 5th, Dave Hackett, from the South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) gave an excellent demonstration that introduced the world of Amateur (Ham) Radio to Boy Scout Troop 124 at their weekly Troop Meeting. It included a brief history of wireless communications, a presentation about how radio signals can travel great distances and how this characteristic can be used to contact other Ham Radio operators hundreds, even, thousands, of miles apart. By connecting a transceiver to his laptop, Dave was able to show the Scouts places in the continental United States, South America and Europe he contacted earlier that day. The Scouts were also given a demonstration on Morse Code, by Marvin Bronstein, and were able to use an electronic keyer.

Dave explained that Ham Radio, while requiring an FCC license, opens new horizons only limited by the operator’s interest. He also explained that neither age nor gender is an issue as he was aware of operators being ten years of age or under.

The operator does not need to spend a fortune on equipment. Dave explained how, with only a backpack of equipment, one can contact the world, depending upon atmospheric conditions. An operator can use voice, Morse Code, digital or the Internet digital communications. A discussion took place on how the International Space Station communications could take place.

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It was a fun and informative evening for all.

SPARC would like to get young people involved in the hobby of Ham Radio. They are doing this through the Boy and Girl Scout Troop in town. For further information please contact Marv Bronstein, K2VHW, at 732-287-0491 or