The Borough of South Plainfield will be issuing the South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club a Proclamation at Borough Hall, on June 19,2017 at 7 PM.

The Proclamation is honoring the annual ARRL Amateur Radio Week, June 19th through June 25th and the amateur radio operators nationwide for their public service to the community, county and state in which they live. SPARC members are affiliated with South Plainfield’s Office of Emergency Management.

SPARC will be celebrating the ARRL Field Day on June 24-25th, where they will be set up at Spring Lake Park for a 24-hour period from 2PM on the 24th to 2 PM on the 25th.  SPARC encourages the South Plainfield Community to visit and learn about amateur radio. Residents will be able to partake in the operation of amateur radio equipment.