South Plainfield High School Co-op Teacher Robert "Shayne" White hosted a seminar on Real Estate Solutions and Opportunities for the co-op classes and three South Plainfield High School Business Classes.  The students were welcomed by Jenna Hoover from HGTV and DIY networks.

Jenna Hoover is an empowering female entrepreneur, investor, public speaker and eccentric online marketer.  Not only is Jenna featured nationally in the Fortune Builders infomercials and commercials, she also starred in her own rehabbing TV Show, "Renovation Road,” that aired on both HGTV and DIY networks.  She excels in marketing/advertising, lead generation, wholesaling, raising private money, creative financing, subject-to owner financing, rentals, negotiating with contractors, negotiating with sellers, and of course, rehabbing.  This vivacious investor entered into business and real estate as a single mom of a toddler, undeniably making a lasting impression in a short amount of time.  Since 2013, Jenna has been coaching and training students as a Full Immersion speaker for Fortune Builders.  She radiates an enthusiasm for her work and exudes nothing but passion in helping others achieve the same success.

The students were also introduced to "Flipping New Jersey" Lenny Hernandez and Joe Otero; Mariano Coccoz, Acquisition Manager; Alan Boettger, Realtor for Residential and Commercial properties; Ron and Lea Quizon, Property Solutions; Strategic Home Solutions, Sam Saleh and Michael Hajduk from "Cash For Your House".  The students were given information on mortgages, buying and selling homes, flipping houses for a profit and market analysis on a career in Real Estate.