SPHS Tigers Capture 7th Consecutive GMC Title, Heilmann, Walsh and Hedden Crowned Champions

Joey Heilmann, Ryan Walsh, Dan Hedden, Kyle Bythell, C.J. Maszczak and Jordan Handwerger spearheadded the SPHS wrestling juggernaut that captured the Tigers 7th consecutive GMC Title. Credits: Glenn F. Cullen

PISCATAWAY, NJ - The South Plainfield Tigers wrapped up their 7th consecutive Greater Middlesex Conference title this weekend in dominating fashion, with 12 wrestlers placing in the 14 weight classes. South Plainfield amassed a team score of 224, which was 69 points ahead of second-place Monroe.

The Tigers crowned three individual champions in freshman Joey Heilmann (106), senior captain Ryan Walsh (126), and junior Dan Hedden (138).

Heilmann defeated Gavin Ringwood of Bishop Ahr in the finals by a score of 10-0. Walsh defeated Tyler Burgess of South River, 8-4, and Hedden defeated Monroe's Chris Muce, 6-3. In addition to the three Champions, South Plainfield had three other wrestlers in the finals who placed second. Those wrestlers were: Kyle Bythell (132), C.J. Maszczak (152), and Jordan Handwerger (160). 

"We are very proud of the way our guys went out and battled this weekend," SPHS Coaches Kevin McCann and John Foscolo, said.  “Winning a conference title is always one of our season goals, and a great accomplishment for our seniors to win conference titles all four years."

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“The third time is a charm,” said Walsh when asked about his victory at 126lbs. Walsh had placed second at 106lbs in 2013, and second last year at 120lbs. Walsh defeated Burgess in a hard fought match, 8-4.

South Plainfield Tigers’ most successful newcomer to the 2014-'15 squad is no newcomer in name, as Joey Heilmann won his first GMC title at 106lbs. Heilmann, continued the legacy of great Heilmann wrestlers defeating Gavin Ringwood 10-0. Heilmann nearly won by a fall late in the first period. 

Heilmann’s victory captures the 8th GMC title for the Heilmanns. His older brothers, Nick and Troy, who have both wrestled for the University of North Carolina combined to win seven GMC Championships. Troy, a sophomore is in the current starting lineup for North Carolina.

When asked what his older brothers would think of his performance at the GMC, Joey Heilmann said, “I think my brothers would be proud of me.”  

Below is the box score for South Plainfield’s third, fourth and fifth place finishers as well as the results from Saturday’s GMC Tournament:

Nick DiFrancesco (170) finished in 3rd place

Jake Giordano (113), Ryan DuHamel (120), and Dakota Pauls (220) finished in 4th place.

Frank Ferraro (145) and Christian Gonzalez (182) finished in 5th place.


1) South Plainfield 224; 2) Monroe 153; 3) East Brunswick 128; 4) Old Bridge 102; 5)Edison 96; 6) Sayreville 95.5; 7) Middlesex-Dunellen 95; 8) South River 85; 9) Bishop Ahr 83; 10) Woodbridge 76.5; 11) J.F. Kennedy 72; 12) Piscataway 66; 13) Carteret 63; 14) South Brunswick 46; 15) North Brunswick 34; 16) Metuchen 27; 17) New Brunswick and Spotswood 25; 19) Perth Amboy 21; 20) Highland Park 17; 21)Colonia 15; & 22) J.P. Stevens 10.


285: Anthony Porcaro (Sayreville) d. Kevin Eid (East Brunswick), 2-0.

106: Joe Heilmann (South Plainfield) m.d. Gaven Ringwood (Bishop Ahr), 10-0.

113: Mark Schliefer (East Brunswick) d. Noberto Torres (Perth Amboy), 3-2.

120: Robert Cleary (Edison) d. Stephen Nadera (Old Bridge), 12-5.

126: Ryan Walsh (South Plainfield) d. Tyler Burgess (South River), 8-4.

132: Sal Profaci (Monroe) d. Kyle Bythell (South Plainfield), 10-4.

138: Dan Hedden (South Plainfield) d. Chris Muce (Monroe), 6-3.

145: Billy Povalac (Edison) p. Jared Smith (South River), 0:36.

152: Bryan McLaughlin (Woodbridge) d. Chris Maszczak (South Plainfield), 8-1.

160: Eliias Vega (Carteret) d. Jordan Handwerger (South Plainfield), 5-1.

170: Brandon Farrell (J.F. Kennedy) d. Anthony Tamayo (East Brunswick), 3-2.

182: Mike Gargano (Old Bridge) d. Eti-ini Udott (Piscataway), 4-2.

195: Pat Dressel (Monroe) inj. def. Doug Ryan (South River), 2:00.

220: Nick Goff (Monroe) d. Michael Porcaro (Sayreville), 3-1.


106: Mitch Polito (East Brunswick) d. Juan Gonzalez (North Brunswick), 9-5.

113: Mohammad Dhillo (Carteret) m.d. Jake Giordano (South Plainfield), 10-2.

120: Alec Gleason (East Brunswick) p. Ryan DuHamel (South Plainfield), 5:33.

126: Jeff Johnson (Middlesex-Dunellen) d. Joe Zargo (Monroe), 5-1.

132: Bob Dinger (Middlesex-Dunellen) d. Nick Daza (South Brunswick), 7-0.

138: John Sheedy (Bishop Ahr) d. Joe Montuoro (Edison), 11-10.

145: Jordan Cooke (Piscataway) m.d. Elyas Azouzi (Woodbridge), 8-0.

152: Xavier Jenkins (Old Bridge) d. Eric Nolan (Edison), 8-7.

160: Mike Petite (Piscataway) d. Tyler Schwarz (South Brunswick), 3-2.

170: Nick DiFrancesco (South Plainfield) d. Kevin Creech (Monroe), 3-2.

182: Ejike Okafor (Spotswood) d. Andrew Brazicki (Bishop Ahr), 3-1.

195: Anthony Maloney (Metuchen) d. Matt Hode (Middlesex-Dunellen), 2-1.

220: Jack Sweeney (Middlesex-Dunellen) d. Dakota Pauls (South Plainfield), 4-2.

285: Edson Flores (Middlesex-Dunellen) d. Rich Leogrande (South River), 3-2.


106: Aaron Coleman (J.F. Kennedy) p. Oanes Mahmood (Carteret), 3:35.

113: Alec Shea (Woodbridge) d. Dylan O'Conner (Bishop Ahr), 5-3.

120: Shawn Gardini (Monroe) p. Luke Pero (Colonia), 1:56.

126: Sam Guerrero (Highland Park) p. Dylan Haltli (Sayreville), 6:49 (OT).

132: Jason Minikle (East Brunswick) d. Dylan Alves (Sayreville), 3-2.

138: Stiven Skenderi (J.F. Kennedy) d. Maddux Mason (Sayreville), 4-3.

145: Frank Ferraro (South Plainfield) d. Isaac Blagogee (Sayreville), 8-2.

152: Tyler Underwood (Bishop Ahr) p. Kenny Abode (North Brunswick), 1:52.

160: Algenis Nunez (New Brunswick) d. Marquan Payne (Woodbridge), 17-11.

170: Edwin Aguilera (New Brunswick) p. Zack Cottrell (Woodbridge), 4:57.

182: Christian Gonzalez (South Plainfield) won by forfeit over Tyler Gilligan (Sayreville).

195: Farhan Khan (Carteret) vs. Dan Makagon (Old Bridge), 3-2.

220: Joe Maloney (Metuchen) d. Jeff Pabon (Old Bridge), 3-1.

285: Keith Serio (Edison) d. Nick Fromhold (Monroe), 3-2.


106:Tom Dinger (Middlesex-Dunellen) d. Mike Botte (Old Bridge), 5-4 (TB).

113:Frank Roman (Sayreville) d. Ryan Craver (Monroe), 3-0.

120:Jack Quinn (Woodbridge) d. Victor Torres (J.F. Kennedy), 5-3.

126: Joey Marty (Woodbridge) p. Tyler Shwartz (East Brunswick), 3:26.

132: Nezzar Dimes (Old Bridge) d. Jose Ruiz (Highland Park), 7-4.

138: TJ Angstadt (Old Bridge) d. James Halladay (Carteret), 9-2.

145: Paul Vargas (J.P. Stevens) d. Samuel Torres (New Brunswick), 8-2.

152: Quinn Ciesielski (South River) d. Mike Yeboah (Piscataway), 8-5.

160: John Mueller (North Brunswick) p. Algenis Nunez (New Brunswick), 1:24.

170: Devin Michael (Bishop Ahr) d. Tyler Lewis (Sayreville), 7-2.

182: Kevin Ambicki (Middlesex-Dunellen) d.James Duffy (North Brunswick), 9-5.

195: Max Rhoden (South Brunswick) won by forfeit over Carlos Martinez (J.F. Kennedy).

220: Anthony Deleon (J.F. Kennedy) d. Sam Walker (East Brunswick), 3-2 (UTB).

285: Christian Manzanares (Old Bridge) d. Cristian Cardosa (J.F. Kennedy), 6-2.


106: Mitch Polito (East Brunswick) m.d. Oanes Mahmood (Carteret), 13-5; Juan Gonzalez (North Brunswick) d. Aaron Coleman (J.F. Kennedy), 11-10.

113:Jake Giordano (South Plainfield) d. Dylan O'Conner (Bishop Ahr), 4-3; Mohammad Dhillo (Carteret) p. Alec Shea (Woobridge), 2:52.

120: Alec Gleason (East Brunswick) m.d. Shawn Gardini (Monroe), 11-3; Ryan DuHamel (South Plainfield) d. Luke Pero (Colonia), 3-1.

126: Jeff Johnson (Middlesex-Dunellen) d. Sam Guerrero (Highland Park), 6-5; Joe Zargo (Monroe) d. Dylan Haltli (Sayreville), 11-9 (OT).

132: Bob Dinger (Middlesex-Dunellen) p. Dylan Alves (Sayreville), 3:51; Nick Daza (South Brunswick) p. Jason Minikle (East Brunswick), 3:40.

138: John Sheedy (Bishop Ahr) p. Stiven Skenderi (J.F. Kennedy), 1:14; Joe Montuoro (Edison) d. Maddux Mason (Sayreville), 9-5.

145: Jordan Cooke (Piscataway) p. Isaac Blagogee (Sayreville), 4:50; Elyas Azouzi (Woodbridge) d. Frank Ferraro (South Plainfield), 7-2.

152: Eric Nolan (Edison) p. Kenny Abode (North Brunswick), 3:40; Xavier Jenkins (Old Bridge) d. Tyler Underwood (Bishop Ahr), 6-4.

160: Tyler Schwarz (South Brunswick) p. Marquan Payne (Woodbridge), 3:13; Mike Petite (Piscataway) m.d. Algenis Nunez (New Brunswick), 11-0.

170: Kevin Creech (Monroe) d. Zack Cottrell (Woodbridge), 3-1; Nick DiFrancesco (South Plainfield) d. Edwin Aguilera (New Brunswick), 8-6.

182: Andrew Brazicki (Bishop Ahr) won by forfeit; Ejike Okafor (Spotswood) m.d. Christian Gonzalez (South Plainfield), 18-9.

195: Matt Hode (Middlesex-Dunellen) p. Farhan Khan (Carteret), 1:55; Anthony Maloney (Metuchen) d. Dan Makagon (Old Bridge), 4-2.

220: Jack Sweeney (Middlesex-Dunellen) p. Joe Maloney (Metuchen), 5:00; Dakota Pauls (South Plainfield) d. Jeff Pabon (Old Bridge), 3-0.

285: Edson Flores (Middlesex-Dunellen) d. Keith Serio (Edison), 6-4; Rich Leogrande (South River) d. Nick Fromhold (Monroe), 6-5.


106: Gaven Ringwood (Bishop Ahr) d. Aaron Coleman (J.F. Kennedy) 8-2; Joe Heilmann (South Plainfield) d. Mitch Polito (East Brunswick) 7-4.

113: Mark Schliefer (East Brunswick) d. Mohammad Dhillo (Carteret) 7-2; Noberto Torres (Perth Amboy) d. Jake Giordano (South Plainfield) 8-0.

120: Stephen Nadera (Old Bridge) d. Luke Pero (Colonia) 10-1; Robert Cleary (Edison) d. Alec Gleason (East Brunswick) 8-5.

126: Ryan Walsh (South Plainfield) p. Joe Zargo (Monroe) 5:46; Tyler Burgess (South River) d. Jeff Johnson (Middlesex-Dunellen) 2-0.

132: Sal Profaci (Monroe) p. Nick Daza (South Brunswick) 5:21; Kyle Bythell (South Plainfield) d. Bob Dinger (Middlesex-Dunellen) 6-3.

138: Chris Muce (Monroe) d. Maddux Mason (Sayreville) 3-0; Dan Hedden (South Plainfield) d. John Sheedy (Bishop Ahr) 11-4.

145: Billy Povalac (Edison) p. Frank Ferraro (South Plainfield) 1:15; Jared Smith (South River) d. Jordan Cooke (Piscataway) 4-2 (OT).

152: Bryan McLaughlin (Woodbridge) d. Eric Nolan (Edison) 10-5; Chris Maszczak (South Plainfield) d. Tyler Underwood (Bishop Ahr) 5-1 (TB).

160: Eliias Vega (Carteret) d. Tyler Schwarz (South Brunswick) 9-2; Jordan Handwerger (South Plainfield) d. Mike Petite (Piscataway) 3-2.

170: Brandon Farrell (J.F. Kennedy) p. Kevin Creech (Monroe) 1:00; Anthony Tamayo (East Brunswick) p. Nick DiFrancesco (South Plainfield) 1:20.

182: Mike Gargano (Old Bridge) p. Ejike Okafor (Spotswood) 3:07; Eti-ini Udott (Piscataway) p. Tyler Gilligan (Sayreville) :14.

195: Doug Ryan (South River) p. Dan Makagon (Old Bridge) :39; Pat Dressel (Monroe) p. Farhan Khan (Carteret) 2:12.

220: Michael Porcaro (Sayreville) d. Jack Sweeney (Middlesex-Dunellen) 7-2; Nick Goff (Monroe) d. Dakota Pauls (South Plainfield) 2-1.

285: Anthony Porcaro (Sayreville) d. Rich Leogrande (South River) 5-3 (OT); Kevin Eid (East Brunswick) 2-1d. Keith Serio (Edison) .


106: Oanes Mahmood (Carteret) d. Mike Botte (Old Bridge), 2-0; Juan Gonzalez (North Brunswick) d. Tom Dinger (Middlesex-Dunellen), 7-2.

113: Dylan O'Conner (Bishop Ahr) d. Ryan Craver (Monroe), 8-3; Alec Shea (Woodbridge) p. Frank Roman (Sayreville), 2:57.

120: Shawn Gardini (Monroe) d. Jack Quinn (Woodbridge), 5-2; Ryan DuHamel (South Plainfield) d. Victor Torres (J.F. Kennedy), 9-2.

126: Sam Guerrero (Highland Park) p. Tyler Shwartz (East Brunswick), 2:25; Dylan Haltli (Sayreville) m.d. Joey Marty (Woodbridge), 15-7.

132: Dylan Alves (Sayreville) d. Jose Ruiz (Highland Park), 7-3; Jason Minikle (East Brunswick) p. Nezzar Dimes (Old Bridge), 3:23.

138: Stiven Skenderi (J.F. Kennedy) d. James Halladay (Carteret), 11-7; Joe Montuoro (Edison) d. TJ Angstadt (Old Bridge), 5-2.

145: Isaac Blagogee (Sayreville) d. Samuel Torres (New Brunswick), 7-5; Elyas Azouzi (Woodbridge) d. Paul Vargas (J.P. Stevens), 10-5.

152: Xavier Jenkins (Old Bridge) d. Mike Yeboah (Piscataway), 12-11; Kenny Abode (North Brunswick) d. Quinn Ciesielski (South River), 1-0.

160: Algenis Nunez (New Brunswick) d. Sean Aston (J.F. Kennedy), 4-3; Marquan Payne (Woodbridge) p. John Mueller (North Brunswick), 2:56.

170: Edwin Aguilera (New Brunswick) d. Tyler Lewis (Sayreville), 2-1; Zack Cottrell (Woodbridge) d. Devin Michael (Bishop Ahr), 3-1.

182: Andrew Brazicki (Bishop Ahr) m.d. James Duffy (North Brunswick), 12-4; Christian Gonzalez (South Plainfield) d. Kevin Ambicki (Middlesex-Dunellen), 8-4.

195: Matt Hode (Middlesex-Dunellen) won by forfeit; Anthony Maloney (Metuchen) d. Max Rhoden (South Brunswick), 3-1 (TB).

220: Jeff Pabon (Old Bridge) p. Anthony Deleon (J.F. Kennedy), 5:09; Joe Maloney (Metuchen) d. Sam Walker (East Brunswick), 3-2 (UTB).

285: Edson Flores (Middlesex-Dunellen) p. Christian Manzanares (Old Bridge), 5:43; Nick Fromhold (Monroe) d. Cristian Cardosa (J.F. Kennedy), 1-0.


106: Aaron Coleman (J.F. Kennedy) p. Oanes Mahmood (Carteret), 1:42; Gaven Ringwood (Bishop Ahr) d. Mike Botte (Old Bridge), 5-2; Mitch Polito (East Brunswick) t.f. Tom Dinger (Middlesex-Dunellen), 18-3 6:00; Joe Heilmann (South Plainfield) d. Juan Gonzalez (North Brunswick), 10-5.

113: Mark Schliefer (East Brunswick) m.d. Ryan Craver (Monroe), 10-2; Mohammad Dhillo (Carteret) d. Dylan O'Conner (Bishop Ahr), 7-1; Noberto Torres (Perth Amboy) d. Alec Shea (Woodbridge), 9-2; Jake Giordano (South Plainfield) m.d. Frank Roman (Sayreville), 8-0.

120: Stephen Nadera (Old Bridge) d. Shawn Gardini (Monroe), 7-0; Luke Pero (Colonia) d. Jack Quinn (Woodbridge), 2-1 (TB); Alec Gleason (East Brunswick) p. Victor Torres (J.F. Kennedy), 3:21; Robert Cleary (Edison) d. Ryan DuHamel (South Plainfield), 4-1.

126: Ryan Walsh (South Plainfield) d. Tyler Shwartz (East Brunswick), 8-1; Joe Zargo (Monroe) d. Sam Guerrero (Highland Park), 5-4; Jeff Johnson (Middlesex-Dunellen) d. Dylan Haltli (Sayreville), 7-1; Tyler Burgess (South River) p. Joey Marty (Woodbridge), 0:58.

132: Sal Profaci (Monroe) p. Dylan Alves (Sayreville), 0:39; Nick Daza (South Brunswick) m.d. Jose Ruiz (Highland Park), 10-1; Kyle Bythell (South Plainfield) p. Nezzar Dimes (Old Bridge), 1:28; Bob Dinger (Middlesex-Dunellen) m.d. Jason Minikle (East Brunswick), 12-4.

138: Chris Muce (Monroe) p. James Halladay (Carteret), 3:21; Maddux Mason (Sayreville) d. Stiven Skenderi (J.F. Kennedy), 7-2; John Sheedy (Bishop Ahr) d. TJ Angstadt (Old Bridge), 7-5 (OT); Dan Hedden (South Plainfield) p. Joe Montuoro (Edison), 0:26.

145: Billy Povalac (Edison) p. Samuel Torres (New Brunswick), 1:14; Frank Ferraro (South Plainfield) m.d. Isaac Blagogee (Sayreville), 14-3; Jared Smith (South River) d. Elyas Azouzi (Woodbridge), 8-5; Jordan Cooke (Piscataway) d. Paul Vargas (J.P. Stevens), 7-0.

152: Bryan McLaughlin (Woodbridge) t.f. Mike Yeboah (Piscataway), 16-0 6:00; Eric Nolan (Edison) p. Xavier Jenkins (Old Bridge), 0:53; Tyler Underwood (Bishop Ahr) p. Quinn Ciesielski (South River), 1:31; Chris Maszczak (South Plainfield) p. Kenny Abode (North Brunswick), 5:19.

160: Eliias Vega (Carteret) m.d. Sean Aston (J.F. Kennedy), 11-2; Tyler Schwarz (South Brunswick) p. Algenis Nunez (New Brunswick), 0:40; Mike Petite (Piscataway) p. John Mueller (North Brunswick), 2:41; Jordan Handwerger (South Plainfield) m.d. Marquan Payne (Woodbridge), 12-1.

170: Brandon Farrell (J.F. Kennedy) p. Tyler Lewis (Sayreville), 1:28; Kevin Creech (Monroe) d. Edwin Aguilera (New Brunswick), 10-5; Nick DiFrancesco (South Plainfield) d. Devin Michael (Bishop Ahr), 7-3; Anthony Tamayo (East Brunswick) d. Zack Cottrell (Woodbridge), 3-2.

182: Mike Gargano (Old Bridge) p. James Duffy (North Brunswick), 2:19; Ejike Okafor (Spotswood) d. Andrew Brazicki (Bishop Ahr), 5-4; Eti-ini Udott (Piscataway) m.d. Kevin Ambicki (Middlesex-Dunellen), 16-6; Tyler Gilligan (Sayreville) d. Christian Gonzalez (South Plainfield), 5-3 (OT).

195: Doug Ryan (South River) p. Carlos Martinez (J.F. Kennedy), 0:55; Dan Makagon (Old Bridge) d. Matt Hode (Middlesex-Dunellen), 7-2; Farhan Khan (Carteret) d. Max Rhoden (South Brunswick), 9-6; Pat Dressel (Monroe) d. Anthony Maloney (Metuchen) 5-3.

220: Michael Porcaro (Sayreville) d. Anthony Deleon (J.F. Kennedy), 4-0; Jack Sweeney (Middlesex-Dunellen) d. Jeff Pabon (Old Bridge), 2-1 (TB); Dakota Pauls (South Plainfield) d. Joe Maloney (Metuchen), 7-4; Nick Goff (Monroe) d. Sam Walker (East Brunswick), 2-1 (TB).

285: Anthony Porcaro (Sayreville) vs. Christian Manzanares (Old Bridge), 2-1 (TB); Rich Leogrande (South River) d. Edson Flores (Middlesex-Dunellen), 3-2; Kevin Eid (East Brunswick) d. Nick Fromhold (Monroe), 3-2 (UTB); Keith Serio (Edison) d. Cristian Cardosa (J.F. Kennedy), 5-2.


1) South Plainfield 60; 2) Monroe 43; 3) Old Bridge 40.5; 4) East Brunswick 39.5; 5) Sayreville 39; 6) J.F. Kennedy 35; 7) Middlesex-Dunellen 31; 8) Bishop Ahr 30; 9) Woodbridge 29; 10) Edison 25; 11) South River 24; 12) Carteret 22; 13) North Brunswick & Piscataway 20; 15) New Brunswick & South Brunswick 13; 17) Metuchen 12; 18) Colonia & Spotswood 11; 20) J.P. Stevens 9; 21) Highland Park 8; & 22). Perth Amboy 5.

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South Plainfield

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Letters to the Editor

Middle School Student Council - Thank You!

February 16, 2018

The South Plainfield Middle School Student Council would like to express our thanks for the support of local businesses and organizations in our fundraising efforts.  A spaghetti dinner was hosted by the South Plainfield Elks Lodge #2298 on January 13th.  Mrs. Sharon Reuter and members of her Youth Committee and kitchen crew provided dinner for family, friends and staff of South ...

South Plainfield Residents  Named to Fall 2017 Dean's List at Seton Hall University

February 13, 2018

SOUTH ORANGE, NJ -- Seton Hall University is pleased to announce the following students who qualified for Fall 2017 Dean's list and to congratulate them for their outstanding academic achievements:

Brooke Barry, Lindsay Celentano, Cj Dudek, Kaitlyn Faustini, Christopher McNeil,  Meagan Praul,  

Kyle Russell, Matthew Taco Bravo and Tomasz ...

Community Happenings

Pre-Ticket Sale for Holy Savior Academy’s 4th Annual Spring Splendor Tricky Tray

February 7, 2018

Holy Savior Academy is hosting its Spring Splendor Tricky Tray Saturday, April 21, 2018 at the school.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m.

Tickets are limited and will be sold at Holy Savior Academy, 149 South Plainfield Avenue, South Plainfield on Friday, February 9, 2016 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (cash or checks)

BYOB and food- Admission $ 25 per person includes:  ...

South Plainfield BOE Names Samuel Fierra Head of Guidance

February 8, 2018

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - The South Plainfield Board of Education announced Feb. 8 that Sam Fierra had been appointed director of guidance for the South Plainfield School District.

Fierra previously served as interim director of guidance South Plainfield before being permanently appointed to the position in January, replacing Elaine Gallo who retired after serving as director for 10 years.

Holy Savior Academy hosts appreciation luncheon for Deanery Pastors

February 16, 2018

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - The students and Board of Limited Jurisdiction of Holy Savior Academy (HSA), South Plainfield hosted a special luncheon to honor and celebrate the Pastors of twelve local Catholic churches that sponsor the school.  

The event was held at HSA on Tuesday February 13 and included a festive lunch featuring a home-cooked meal prepared by members of ...

Holy Savior Academy Cheer Competition

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - Holy Savior Academy’s cheerleading squad is on winning streak.  Competing at the Biddy Level in the CCCANJ League, the girls took 1st place in the first two competitions of this cheer season. The 12 girl squad competed in the Immaculate Conception and the St. Mary’s competitions and came out on top beating fellow Catholic Schools, Immaculate ...

Upcoming Events


Sat, February 17, 4:00 PM

South Plainfield

Spaghetti Dinner at Elks


Sat, February 17, 6:00 PM

South Plainfield

Holy Savior Academy Spaghetti Dinner


Sun, February 18, 1:00 PM

South Plainfield

Open House 171 New York Avenue South Plainfield

Real Estate


Tue, February 20, 7:30 PM

South Plainfield

SPCAC Meeting


Fri, February 23, 5:00 PM

South Plainfield

The Sacred Heart Lenten Fish Dinners


Sat, February 24, 8:00 AM

South Plainfield

Meet the Mayor at the Senior Center


Diegnan Bill Allowing Municipalities To Authorize Parking Authorities As Redevelopment Entity Now Law

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Legislation sponsored by Senator Patrick Diegnan to allow municipalities to authorize a parking authority as a redevelopment entity is now law.

“We know that smart redevelopment can help to revitalize areas within a town or city, but we have to make sure that municipalities have the flexibility to undertake projects in the most effective way,” said ...

South Plainfield: A Heart for Giving

South Plainfield received over two inches of rain this past weekend. Fortunately, Mother Nature has cooperated, and the precipitation was not of the frozen variety. Despite the rain, nothing could put a damper on South Plainfield’s spirit of helping those in need.

On Saturday a few Borough employees and I had the opportunity to deliver funds that have been raised for a family that has ...

Super Carb Diet by Bob Harper

Super Carb Diet by Bob Harper with Danny Pellegrino (St. Martin's Press, 2017)

It's hard to go on a serious diet, one on which you expect to be successful and maintain a loss. Fortunately, in his new book Super Carb Diet, Bob Harper has given the weight watching world a sensible new diet plan to help achieve a healthy weight.

Harper, host of NBC's popular show The Biggest Loser, ...


Tax forms are here!  The IRS has sent us printed copies of some of the most commonly used forms and instruction books.  We will continue putting them out as long as our supply lasts.  If you need other forms, we have them available for copying or you can print them out from  Look on our website for more tax-related links.

The library will be closed on Sunday, ...

Knights Of Columbus Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest

All young people ages 8 through 14 are invited to participate in the 2018 Knights of Columbus Substance Abuse Awareness Poster Contest sponsored by the South Plainfield Knights of Columbus Council #6203.  Students that attend any schools in South Plainfield are welcomed to participate.  Students are encouraged to develop an original poster and slogan idea designed to discourage their ...

Suburban Woman’s Club Hosts Bert Baron of WCTC-AM Talk Radio

Bert Baron, the well-known WCTC AM radio morning talk show host, was the guest speaker at the February 1st Suburban Woman’s Club meeting at the South Plainfield American Legion Hall, attended by 22 members. 

With the same upbeat, conversational style Mr. Baron uses on his morning show, he recounted his love for radio from early childhood, his dream to someday have his own show, and ...

Press Releases

New Brunswick/Middlesex County Reentry Site Opens

February 14, 2018

MIDDLESEX COUNTY, NJ - The New Jersey Reentry Corporation (NJRC), a nonprofit agency serving court-involved individuals, is pleased to announce the grand opening a new reentry site in Middlesex County on Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018 at 11 a.m. The office is located at 57 Livingston Avenue, Unit 3, New Brunswick, N.J. 08901. Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin will offer remarks and cut ...