SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – State Senate candidate David Stahl and State Assembly candidates Rob Bengivenga and Lisa Goldhamer continued to solicit input around the district on how to keep the economy moving in the right direction and grow jobs by speaking with South Plainfield business owners and touring the facilities of Halls Warehouse Corporation, a local, family-run storage and transportation company with more than 240 employees.

As the Mayor of East Brunswick, David Stahl worked with both parties to streamline permitting and create a tax environment conducive for small business growth. He looks forward to bringing the ideas of the business owners and employees he talked to today to Trenton to help jumpstart economic growth.          

“As a small business owner, I understand how high taxes and onerous regulations get in the way of creating jobs in New Jersey,” said Mayor Stahl who saw local business vacancy rates on Route 18 drop for three consecutive years under his leadership.  “It’s clear from our discussion with business owners today that they are tired of being used as ATMs for Trenton politicians and that the policies of our opponents have made it hard for local businesses to succeed.”  

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Rob Bengivenga said that it took a partnership with small business and community stakeholders for South Plainfield to provide the lowest property tax bills and unemployment rates in the district.

“When we took control of local government, we made tough decisions to right-size government, reduce wasteful spending, lower property taxes and make South Plainfield an attractive place for job creators to call home,” said Bengivenga, a Councilman in South Plainfield who was successful in cutting property taxes in his hometown. “After years of collaborative efforts, we are now home to a healthy mix of blue collar and white collar jobs that employ many of our local residents. If our efforts here at home were able to produce results, just imagine what we can accomplish if we put party labels aside in Trenton to partner with small businesses to create a plan to bring jobs back to New Jersey.”

Lisa Goldhamer says she knows all too well what a decade of higher taxes and overregulation has done to the job market.


 “Our opponents’ failures in Trenton brought our state to the brink of bankruptcy and put our economy in a recession long before the housing and mortgage crisis loomed over our nation,” said Goldhamer, a mother of two and long-time Edison resident. “Like thousands of others across our state, my career came to a grinding halt when I lost my job. Now I work full-time in retail to help support my family and put my kids through college. Many of my coworkers have advanced degrees, but they are unable to pursue the career of the dreams because of a weak job market. It’s clear from the candid discussion with business owners today that we need leaders in Trenton that will make job creation their first priority. Our opponents have been more worried about making millions from taxpayer funded jobs than creating good-paying jobs for the middle-class”