Recently, President Trump repealed Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom order. First of all, it was Unconstitutional because the intrusive law never even passed Congress. Yet when Obama decided to take away federal funding for schools that don’t allow transgender kids to choose their own bathroom, I wondered: Doesn’t the federal government have anything better to do than to involve themselves in every single aspect of our lives?

We mustn’t allow government to do social engineering, because it’s unacceptable in a free society, and the founders wrote our Constitution to prevent it. The 10th Amendment states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.”

This clearly implies that when the central government destroys the rights of states/localities to make their own decisions on things that the Constitution doesn’t mention, including bathrooms, then the federal government cannot and must not be involved. They simply don't have the Constitutional authority or even the moral right to use our tax dollars to manipulate society.

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The virtues of a truly free society are that most things must be decided by states, communities, and citizens themselves, so that as citizens, we make elected officials more accountable to us by keeping more authority in local hands. It’s about the idea of collectivism versus individualism: The transgender bathroom law was an example of collectivism, where the government disregards the feelings of many to institute a one way, one size fits all policy.

With individualism, citizens and localities make their own decisions so long as they don’t intrude on the freedom of others. While I understand that transgender people have the same rights and freedoms as anyone, I maintain that this does not warrant the power of federal law to mandate bathroom policy in all 50 states; it’s just plain wrong! People who decide to switch genders know full well before they actually do so that deciding which bathroom to use could be a problem.

I respect the right of people to artificially change their gender if they choose, but society must not be forced to suddenly dismantle its most fundamental norms and laws because of it. As much as I stand in favor of transgender Americans having their basic rights, it must be understood that a person trying to change the gender they’re born with isn't a common thing to do.

It should be tolerated, for they should not be ridiculed or outcast in anyway.  However, it shouldn't be accepted as a social norm, and not incorporated as a legal matter. Those on the left can call this transphobia if they please, but I have a phobia of nobody at all.

We're all Americans, and we're all part of humanity no matter what. I just think that government needs to mind its own business and stop forcing it’s doctrine of manufactured social justice down our throats. I just think that liberal politicians need to stop looking for groups of people to victimize, and stop using their grievances for political gain.

We have so many economic, national security, and Constitutional issues to be dealt with in our nation today that I wish we didn't even have to waste our time debating this. I support the President for scrapping this Unconstitutional and intrusive Executive Order; it was the right thing to do. We must stop distracting ourselves with the question of who should use what bathroom, but rather, whose decision should it be?