SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ -  Robert L. Zelley of Maser Consulting P.A., the environmental engineers for the Borough of South Plainfield, gave a presentation at Monday’s council meeting on the cleanup of the former Suburban Bus Company property on New Market Avenue.

The cleanup work is slated to begin on or around November 1, 2013, and the soil removal is expected to be completed before December 2013.  Zelley stated, “approximately 2,500 tons of petroleum impacted soils will be removed, and the area will be back filled with certified clean fill.”  Zelley announced the testing has shown no impact or contamination to the ground water.

The soil removal is being performed by Enterprise Network Resolutions LLC.  The contract for soil remediation was awarded at the September 16, 2013 Council meeting at a cost not to exceed $176,120.

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Councilman Robert Bengivenga Jr. said “it is nice to see this blighted property will be cleaned up once and for all.  Previous administrations saddled us with this problem site, but I am glad we stepped up to fix it.”

The Suburban Bus Company cleanup has been at the center of controversy since the Borough purchased the property after receiving grant funds from Middlesex County.  When the property was purchased former South Plainfield Mayor Dan Gallagher signed a hold harmless agreement which left the Borough responsible for the cleanup and not the seller.  Council President Ray Rusnak said “after close to 10 years it is nice to see this site finally cleaned up.  Previous administrations promised it would not cost the taxpayers of South Plainfield anything, and obviously that is not the case.”

Zelley presented a schematic of the property with a soccer or football field and a parking lot.  Zelley stated “when you include the paper streets, there is more than enough space for a field and parking.”  Councilman CJ Diana remarked “obviously, it’s encouraging for a long-standing project like the Bus Company site to be wrapping up, and I think it’s best if we take a step back and consider the best use of the property to serve all of South Plainfield’s residents.”