CALABASH, NC – After a one year holdout TAPinto South Plainfield is pleased to announce the signing of Johnny Four Fingers for the 2017/18 season. Johnny Four Fingers provided his famous weekly NFL picks for the 2015/16 season, but due to a contract dispute and personal reasons the Four Finger Man took off the 2016/17 season.

“I’m glad to be back for the 2017/18 NFL season,” said Johnny Four Fingers. “Having TAPinto come down to Calabash to hash out an agreement shows their commitment to providing the best NFL picks for the upcoming season.”

“We are glad to have Johnny Four Fingers back,” said TAPinto South Plainfield Sports Editor Glenn Cullen. “With all the changes in the sports industry, there were a number of quality guys on the market, but we wanted Johnny. We’ve had numerous people say they felt the NFL season just wasn’t the same last year without the Four Fingered Man.”

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“The 2016 season was tough,” said Four Fingers. “My nemesis Tuna retired and that took some of the starch out of things. It was like Borg retiring on McEnroe.”

According to Cullen there will be some changes to the NFL pick format. “We are fine tuning Four Fingers’ Column,” but he is committed to making his picks Great Again,” said Cullen.

“Everyone thought I was in the Big House,” said Johnny Four Fingers. “I didn’t want all the publicity. I’m just glad we were able to hash this out.”

“It’s great to hear Johnny is back,” said TAP Sports Freelancer Brian Erhardt. “Everyone loves to get Johnny’s picks and knows he is really the master. Could you imagine Four Fingers going somewhere else? It would be like Jeter in a Red Sox uniform or Lawrence Taylor in a Cowboy uniform, it just can’t happen.”