SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ - The James and Doris Boyle Memorial Foundation is a 501 C3 nonprofit that was founded 19 years ago by Debbie Boyle and her husband, Bob Boyle.   James and Doris are Bob’s parents who were constantly involved in the South Plainfield community.  In the name of James and Doris, Debbie and Bob have continued to carry out their service through the Memorial Foundation.  

The mission of the foundation is to help people in South Plainfield in a time of need and to enable and encourage young people to follow their dreams.   The foundation is primarily run by the Boyle family; Debbie, her husband, and their children, Michael, Megan and Patrick. They hold fundraisers to raise as much money as they can for a specific cause. 

Currently the Boyle’s are running five fundraisers and according to Mrs. Boyle, every single penny earned is put towards the cause.  The Boyles’ have opted out of taking a salary because they are determined to help the lives of those in need by relieving some burdens like helping pay bills or making life more accessible . 

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Recently, the foundation has helped by: raising money for three different families whose homes burned in 2012, helped make it possible for a high school student with cancer to go prom, and also supported the building of a handicap accessible ramp at another student’s home along with the Elks and the Knights of Columbus Squires.

Not only do they help those in material need but they also reward borough’s high school students, who are in financial need, with scholarships.  The scholarships are merited to those who are active in giving back to their community.  The foundation grants between 8 and 15 scholarships a year, each comprised of $500 or $1,000.  Debbie is most fond of the scholarship project; she explains "We want to help the high school kids be able to afford college so that they can accomplish their dreams.”

A majority of the scholarship money comes from one of the foundations biggest events, the Boyle Memorial Golf Tournament which usually takes place the first Saturday of every June.   Participants are from all over as well as other Boyle family members.  Boyle stated “ It is a lot of fun for a great cause.”

Debbie Boyle seems to have a helping hand in so many areas in South Plainfield.  It is a wonder how she finds the time?  She claims that she gets little sleep but she enjoys working into the late hours getting things done during some quiet time.   “The satisfaction of seeing other people advance in life is really what keeps the foundation and all of our volunteers going,” said Mrs. Boyle.