The PTSO of Kennedy Elementary School is hosting a wonderful event to raise funds – a Casino Night.  The event will be held on Saturday, May 9 at the Saint Stephen’s Orthodox Church on 609 Lane Ave from 7PM-11PM.  The church is located behind the rear entrance of South Plainfield High School.

The admission is $35.00, and they will not be selling admissions at the door.  Last year’s event was a resounding success on a wide variety of levels.


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1)You bring your admission ticket to the registration table along with a driver’s license or anything that is acceptable for ID per state regulations. 

2)No one under 21 years of age is allowed to attend as alcoholic beverages are served on the premises (not all casino nights serve alcoholic beverages).

3)As far as gaming is concerned, you will receive $200.00 in “play money.”  This play money is in the form of casino chips which have no monetary value (i.e. they cannot be “cashed in”).  After the gaming portion of the evening is concluded, the chips are converted into numbered raffle tickets.  The more chips you have at the end of the night, the more raffle tickets you will get.

4)The numbered raffle tickets are placed into containers that are front of each prize.  These prizes are donated by local businesses, and the event would not be possible without their generosity.  There are two, main groups of prizes based on value.  If your number(s) are selected, you win that corresponding prize.

5)You are not obligated to partake in the casino games in order to support the fundraiser once you have paid your $35.00.  There are other ways the PTSO raises funds such as holding a 50/50.


Throughout the evening, volunteers will come around and offer players an opportunity to purchase more play money for cash.  As the night progresses, the deals tend to become more attractive.  You are allowed to exchange chips with other players.  They are yours to do with as you please during the course of the evening. 


This particular casino night is offering four games:  1) Blackjack (or twenty-one), 2) Craps, 3) Roulette, and 4) Three-Card Poker.  The games are played on equipment that closely resembles that of a real casino, and are operated by dealers who are there to perform a wide variety of functions above and beyond running an honest and fair game.


The dealers at a casino night wear more hats than those at a real casino. It is their job as representatives of the company to do their best so that players are put at ease if they are neophytes.

If you have never played a casino game, taking a little time go to on the Internet to a site such as would be a good idea, most importantly to brush up on the basics of table etiquette for the game(s) you’re interested in.  This is also an excellent and site to obtain reliable information that is placed in basic terms with regards to the rules and proper strategies of the games that are offered.

A knowledgeable and friendly dealer is also a key in providing a primer for those who are looking to transition into playing in an actual casino environment. 


These are VERY touchy issues.  In all of my years of experience, this is the best formula:


1)Players should never provide unsolicited advice to other players with respect to the decisions they make when it comes to the choice of their wagers.  As long as players play within the confines and rules of the game, they can do whatever they want with their chips.  Contrary to the prevailing view, decisions of this nature (right or wrong) have ZERO effect on the mathematics of the game.


2)Keep in mind that if you ask the dealer(s) for advice as to what decisions to make such as whether or not I should hit a 7-5 (known as a “hard 12”) when the dealer’s up-card is a three – they may not always provide you with the correct mathematical option (which is the difference between it being right or wrong).  Similar to the point made previously, others players should not intervene when another player asks the dealer for advice – even if they know the dealer’s answer is not correct. 



I had mentioned that having a good time and supporting the cause is the most important.  That means different things for different people.

An internet link with details and contact information for the event can be found here: