Dear Editor:

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Chere Glover for The South Plainfield Board of Education. As a resident of South Plainfield for over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to work alongside the wonderful staff and administrators in the South Plainfield school system. I have also had the challenge of  working side by side with the same people to ensure an equal education for my child who needed special accommodations throughout several of the years in the school system. While on the Board, Chere Glover was my “go to person” when I had challenges getting things done on behalf of my child. Whether it was day or night, Chere fought to move along the special and unique accommodations that were legally due. In addition, I saw Chere do the same for other parents. She never backed away from a challenge, but made the students and their parents her main priority.

In addition to her passion for education, Chere brings to the Board a wealth of knowledge from her position as a social worker in the school system; being an  involved parent with children currently and previously in the schools and being a longtime active resident of South Plainfield. These all lends itself to what we need in a member on our Board; a member who can fight for our children and a member who reflects the diversity that is so obviously missing from our Board. It is time to formally recognize the myriad of races and cultures that make our town unique. Our student body already reflects that, and our Board needs to do the same.  In addition, we need to balance the Board and have an equal representation of women as they make up the majority of the staff in our schools.

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 Now more than ever, it is important that ALL our young people see a Board that represents their race, their culture and their gender working together for their best interest.

 It is with that resolve, that I, Simone O’Leary, Founder of the Simone OLeary Scholarship Foundation and The South Plainfield Black Alliance, endorse Chere Glover for The South Plainfield Board of Education.

Simone O’Leary