Last year, South Plainfield recognized its thirtieth year as a New Jersey Clean Communities town by initiating a new program, the “Litter-Free Event.”  It was inaugurated at the Labor Day Community picnic, and the results were encouraging.

Therefore, the Clean Communities Advisory Board is working with other organizations to make their events Litter-Free.  The South Plainfield Lions Club will use the CCAB’s signs and litter cans to announce the program to their guests at Touch-A-Truck on July 15.  Personal litter bags will be available at the entrance to make it easy for people to hold onto their discards until they reach a trash barrel. 

A Litter-Free Event is a public gathering that leaves the venue as clean as it was before everyone arrived.  The Lions will appreciate having to spend less time and effort to clear away at day’s end. And, in civic terms, leaving the grounds clean and undamaged creates pride and a sense of community well-being.

The challenge is to provide enough litter cans and reminders so that no litter ends up on the ground.  Success depends on raising awareness of litter as a problem, but as a problem that can be solved easily by a small change in behavior.  Like the “Zero Waste” events sponsored by many sports teams, Litter-Free Events are a step towards a more sustainable community.  For more information, contact the Clean Communities Coordinator at 908.226.7621.