The Middlesex County School Boards Association held their meeting on February 13,  2018.  Our guest speaker was Speaker of the General Assembly Craig Coughlin, who spoke to a packed house with regards to recent and upcoming bills, Governor Phil Murphy's perspective on schools and answered questions from the audience.  Jonathan M. Bush, from the Bush Law Group LLC, who is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated in his fields of expertise,  discussed the top ten Crisis Management Issues and a policy with regards to Board Members and Social Media. 
The Executive Director of New Jersey School Boards Dr. Larry Feinsod, who has the ability to influence, motivate and enable others to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of our children spoke about top issues dealing with Boards of Educations and the education of all our children.  Dr. Feinsod and Mr. Mike Vrancik, NJSBA Director of Governmental Relations  were appointed members of Governor's Murphy's Transitional Task Force.  Our National School Boards Association President Kevin Ciak welcomed all Superintendents, Board members and officials.  Ms Christy Tighe, NJSBA Vice President of County Activities gave an update on planned activities, Lucy Bloom Delegate NJSBA Board of Directors gave an update along with Mary Ann Friedman, Field Rep.   
Pictured l to r:  Christy Tighe, Debbie Boyle - President of Middlesex County School Boards Association, Speaker of the General Assembly Craig Coughlin, Dr. Larry Feinsod - Executive Director of NJSBA and Kevin Ciak - National School Boards President.  The next event will be the "Student Recognition Dinner honoring out Student Unsung Heroes/Heroines  on March 7, 2018.