Ionracas Deontas is a Gaelic phrase meaning, “integrity” and “gift (or grant) with purpose”,
and is the name of a fund established to promote important public efforts. In the spirit of Ionracas
Deontas an award of $1000 each will be presented to four young women, students who
lead the walkout from their high school in South Plainfield, New Jersey, on March 14, 2018 in
support of those who lost their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland,
Florida, and to foster support for the efforts in gun control and school safety.
The purpose of this award is to:
• reward the strength of character of these selected youth in following their convictions despite
the awareness of the potential consequences
• encourage the recipients to continue to follow their consciences in service to others
• recognize their leadership in carrying out a cause that motivates others to greater service
to the community
The first recipients of this award will be Hailey Medina, Tala Abdeljaber, Simran Modhera, and
Jade Scotti, four graduating seniors who exemplify these characteristics, and serve as role
models for their peers.
This award will be presented on June 12, in solidarity with the Poor Peoples Campaign, a
movement originally begun by the late Reverend Martin Luther King, that has been resurrected
in conjunction with the Moral Mondays movement, led by the Reverend William Barber. The
Campaign is being conducted over a six week period throughout the nation during May and
June. The actions of these students are in the spirit of the efforts for social justice through
non-violent civil disobedience espoused by Mohandas K. Gandhi and Henry David Thoreau. It is
hoped that their inspirational actions will continue throughout their careers to encourage
others in support of other social justice endeavors.
The presentation of the award will take place Tuesday, June 12, at 4:00 PM, outside the
southern gate of South Plainfield High School, where the walkout took place on March 14.
(near the corner of Triangle Place and Lane Avenue, with the school as a backdrop for photo
[Walter Kalman of The McKallyn Group will present the award on behalf of the donors who
established the Ionracas Deontas fund.]